March 21, 2010

In Your Prayers Today

Please remember to pray that the Health Care Reform Bill does NOT get passed today!  While yes, some of the wording has been changed, there are still loopholes that would protect and allow the funding of abortion.  We need to pray that this bill gets defeated. 
Especially pray for the intercession of St. Gianna Molla - an Italian wife, mother and doctor who refused to have an abortion so that the doctors could treat her cancer and thus sacrificed her life for her child.  


  1. St. Gianna is my confrimation saint! :D I kept it in my prayers yesterday.

  2. I was praying, and will continue to pray. Pax Christi!

    Oh, and Rose, I began a new blog today - I was tired of the old one, and maybe a fresh start will jog me into posting more often!

    It's called "For Goodness' Sake!" and the address is

  3. The thing about the health care bill is that it will essentially turn the county into a socialist nation. People will have no choice in whether or not they WANT the health care or not--in fact, there's a fine if you don't have it. And it's not even GOOD health care. I was reading about the health care in Canada (which is the same system as this health care) and it's HORRIBLE. You have to wait months and months. When people in Canada have to have an operation, they come over here.

  4. Yeah, I'm from Canada. Believe me, you don't want to have free health care. The problem is, Canadians can't let go of it now - mention taking away their free health care, and they'll be up in arms, because they've been boiled like frogs in water.


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