April 18, 2010

Father Matt Thinks He's Funny...

And I suppose he is. *rolls eyes* Well, here's what happened at Mass...

Fr. Matt: *walks to the pulpit* Well, this week's been a bit busy and so I didn't really have time to prepare a homily.  Umm, Deacon, did you have anything prepared?

Deacon: *shakes his head no*

Fr. Matt: Hmm, well, I've heard of a few priest who will sometimes ask people to come up from the congregation to say a few words that the Holy Spirit has placed in them.

Congregation: *shifts nervously* Is that legal?

Fr. Matt: So let's see, any volunteers?

Congregation: *starts to get a bit nervous*

Fr. Matt: Ah... you.  Why don't you come up and say a few things to us?

Lady-sitting-in-front-of-me: *just about has a heart attack*

Yaviel: *whispers to me* Is he supposed to do that?!?!?

My grandma: *to my sister Limwen* Does Fr. Matt do things like this often?

Guy-who-Fr.Matt-Called: *gets up and walks up to the alter*

Fr. Matt: Thanks so much.  Here... I have an alb up here that I want you to wear while you are talking.

Guy: Cool!  *starts to put it on backwards*

Fr. Matt: No, no... it goes the other way.

Congregation: *stares in horror*

Me: *watches Fr. Matt's smiling face suspiciously* Something's up...

Fr. Matt: Here, there's a cord that goes with that that you can wear too.

Guy: Oh sure!

Fr. Matt: And then this... usually just the deacon is allowed to wear it, but it's fine.

Congregation: *faints in shock and horror*

Fr. Matt: So, what's your name?

Guy: Ralph.

Fr. Matt: Last name?

Guy:  *sigh* Poyo.

Congregation: *heaves a sigh of relief and claps*

So as it turned out it wasn't just a random member of the congregation that Fr. Matt pulled up to give a homily, it was speaker Deacon Ralph Poyo, who is scheduled to give a talk on Evangelization tonight.  ;)  I'm sure the talk will be fantastic - the homily was AMAZING.
Father Matt sure did have us all worried there for a bit though... *rolls eyes* After Mass he was grinning and walking around asking everyone if he had them worried.  *laughs* It was great.


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  2. ROTFL!! That’s great! I love a priest with a sense of humor. :D Is he the priest I met when I went to your house?

  3. HAHAHAHA! That is hilarious! I'm so glad God gave us senses of humor, aren't you? Good pure laughter is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Your priest sounds very cool.

  4. @ AGP - This was at Mass. =)

    @ Vicki - Yes, that's him!

    @ Elena - Oh he is! He's very cool. =) We all love him.

  5. That. Made. Me. Laugh. Soooo. Hard.

    Your priest is amazing :D I'm so jealous, lol.


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