April 30, 2010


Both Blanche and Katharyn tagged me for this!  Thanks girls!

Choose any amount of friends real or blog and say at least two things or more that you admire or like about them. Tag and make sure you link to them.

Blanche is a very sweet and lovely girl, and I have the honor of being her 'mother' on the Fairy Tale Novels Forum!  She makes a wonderful 'oldest daughter' and an even better friend.  I can't wait to meet her offline someday!

Katharyn is another one of my lovely daughters on the forum.  I admire her the most for her maturity... she's only 13, but she talks and act like some much older!  That's a rare thing in this modern world where most people our age are - sadly - rather immature.  On top of that, she loves foxes too, which is totally awesome!

I have yet to meet Elena in person, having only become acquainted with her over the Forum.  She has become a very dear friend, older sister and role model for me.  I am constantly amazed out how much she manages to get done, all the projects she undertakes and completes so well.

Ella is my favoritest niece on the Forum, and a dear friend as well.  She is so much fun to laugh and chat with, and I know I can always come to her with anything that weighs heavily on my chest.  She doesn't mind my chatting with her until past midnight when I need someone to talk to, or when I pm her with my little questions.  =)

Lanta is my second favoritest niece on the forum.  Hopefully I shall be able to meet her this summer!  She is so delightfully funny and random and I can be as insane as I want to around her without worrying that she'll think I've finally lost it.  (Though that happened a long time ago...)  I love when we have such disturbing and morbid discussions and plots over the phone, we must give the government agents who spy on people's conversations an interesting time!

Lady Cordelia
It's been almost four years since I met Lady Cordelia at our high school graduation.  We didn't get to know each other right away, neither of us really being the type to walk up to someone we didn't know and strike up a conversation - despite the fact that I very much wanted to talk to her, since we both had the same names.  But luckily we were able to meet again after that and I now count her as one of my dearest friends. I love her quiet, hidden fun side and her amazing acting talents.  I mean really, she is so good!  But I won't tell say anymore about it 'cause I don't want her to die of embarrassment when she reads this. ;)


  1. Awww, thank you SO much, Rose! :D :D :D *hugs* I can't wait to meet you, either! :)

  2. We shall certainly pray for Caleb, my dear. My family and I knew Fr. Hardon.

    Namarie, God bless, Anne Marie :)

  3. Thats really sweet! =)


    P.S. I'll respond soon about the Graduation thing, I promise!! =)


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