April 3, 2010

What are You Wearing for Easter?

Today my sisters and I made a trip to the store to find Easter outfits for my mom and Yaviel, who as of then did not have anything to wear.  Our shop was successful and we returned home with very nice outfits for both of them.  Later on, while ironing the boy's shirts and our dresses, my mom made the comment "Well, I guess it's time for my annual depression on how hardly anyone seems to get dressed up for Easter."
She went on to say that someone we knew had asked her why we were getting new outfits, after all "it's not a fashion show."

I want to say that, they are right.  It's not a fashion show.  And if you buy a new outfit or get dressed up on Easter just to make a fashion statement, then you sure have your priorities mixed up.

But what is wrong about putting in a little extra effort to get dressed up for Easter?  Easter is the holiest day of the year; it is the day that Our Lord rose after having sacrificed everything to save us, the day He conquered over death once and for all, the day He gave us the promise and the hope of Heaven with Him for eternity after we die.  And yet people show up to Mass in their blue jeans and t-shirts or outfits that they would wear just every day.  Somehow, those same people would get dressed up for a wedding and spend money without hesitating for a new outfit.  Christ did so much for us, how is it we can't even muster up the effort to dress up for Him?

To me that is just flat out ungrateful.  Now I understand that everyone can't go and buy a new outfit for Easter, due to limited funds and all that.  Not everyone in my family was able to get a new outfit this year, and we even bought a few from the thrift store.  But we are making the effort to get dressed up more than we usually do.  We aren't just wearing our everyday clothes.

I am not trying to make my family sound all high and mighty or holier than thou, but quite frankly I don't care who you are, or what your situation in life is, everyone has the means to get a little fancier than their normal fare.  So you don't have enough money to buy a new outfit.  Pick out the nicest outfit you have and dress it up with a cute hairstyle and beautiful jewelry, maybe even a little make-up.  Guy, take the time to iron your shirts.  If you do have the money for a new outfit - you can find great things at thrift stores for only a few dollars - than make the effort to get one.

Isn't dressing up a whole lot easier than suffering through the Crucifixion and rising from the dead?  Isn't God worth it?  Doesn't He deserve it?

So what are you wearing for Easter?


  1. Great post!! I totally agree with you. I went to the Easter Vigil and wore a plaid blue "fancy" shirt with a white skirt.


  2. Thank you Rose. I quite agree. I belive that our bodies are a reflection of our souls so how we dress says something about the attitude of our hearts.
    I also find it interesting that the same folks who wear jeans and t- shirts to holy Mass will dress up for a party or to go out to dinner. I don't know anyone who wouldn't put more then a little effort into their wardrobe if they were going to a wedding. How much nicer then should we dress if we are attending the Wedding feast of the Lamb of God Himself?
    As a little girl my mom always bought me a new dress. I have since stopped growing and so no longer need a new outfit but I continue to try to dress up a little better for the BIG feast days. This year I did buy myself a new skirt and sweater from a secondhand store. With it I am pairing mary janes I have had for years and a blouse that was a hand me down. Last night at Mass a friend of mine asked if the skirt was new to which I proudly responded I got it "used". I was hoping to wear my "Easter bonnet"(a.k.a straw hat)but alas it was too chilly so I stuck with my chapel veil.
    I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter. ~Ardhoniel
    P.S. I loove the Easter backdrop. So cheerful!

  3. Very good point! I think the significance of having "new" or special attire for Easter Sunday is to reflect the hopefully new state of our souls after the graces of Lent! I am always saddened to see jeans at Sunday Mass, but on Easter Sunday it's really something. I mean, if you aren't going to dress nice for the biggest day of the year, when are you going to dress up?!?

    Of course, then there's the whole sadness of girls who TRY to dress up for Church by donning a cocktail dress...which leads into the whole discussion of the fashion industry's big lie that formalwear MUST bear skin. In a lot of ways, it's even worse than the casualwear.

    So, now that my little rant is done... Lady Rose, aren't you going to grace us with photos of the lovely apparel that I'm sure the D ladies wore? :)

  4. Oh yes, I love getting dressed up for Christmas and Easter! I realized that those are pretty much the only two days of the year I do anything with my hair. You can see a picture of my outfit on my blog...I like how it turned out! The skirt is from Goodwill and I had just finished the shrug, and they look great together!

    I like your background too!


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