May 28, 2010

When your basement becomes a drain

for the window well full of water, 'tis very, very helpful to have LOTS of towels on handy.  And a few buckets to catch the water in, or at least re-direct the falling water into via a towel.  (That works well, by the way!)  And if the previous residents of your home left a HUGE fan almost as tall as you and one of those commercial, yellow bucket mops with a ringer in the basement... well, you'll probably find out why sooner or later!  =P
The only damage I believe, was to an empty cardboard box and the piece of carpeting we had under the computer desk.  We saved everything else!

1 comment:

  1. yikes! Well glad you're having fun. :P
    I'm glad nothing else got damaged. :)


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