September 10, 2011

Summer's End

Tis the last rose of summer
Left blooming alone
All her fair lovely companions
Are faded and gone
~ Thomas Moore

Finally, my summer is over.  To all of you who are in school and still wishing for a few more weeks of vacation that sigh of relief may seem a bit crazy.  From my point of view though... everyone else on a semester schedule is gone and back in school and I'm like the rose in the poem I quoted up at the top of this post.   Oh trimesters, why must you start so late and keep me waiting around with nothing to do but go to work?  Which isn't a bad thing, of course, money is great and a bit necessary... but I am ready to be back in school with all my friends, see all my favorite professors and faculty again yes - I am saying this - I am ready to be doing homework and stressing over deadlines again.  In a week or two I may be taking this paragraph back, but for now, I am ready for summer to be over and my college life to start up again.

There is a little corner of me that doesn't quite want this summer to end though, or not yet anyhow.  Because honestly, this has been the best summer of my life so far.  When it started out, I though it was going to be a normal, relaxing, relatively quiet summer and not the beautiful, miraculous summer that it was.

Because you see, dear reader, this summer the boy I've liked on and off and in varying degrees for the past three years somehow managed to fall in love with me and ask me to be his girlfriend. I've been discovering first hand the challenges of a long distance relationship, but every moment we've skyped or chatted has been wonderful, and the five days that turned into an unexpected eight days due to a hurricane and canceled flights were a dream come true.  I've never been happier.  Perhaps another reason I'm glad summer is over is because then I'm that much closer to Christmas and being able to see him again.

At any rate, next summer is going to have a lot to live up to.  

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