September 23, 2009

September 23rd

Today I was looking through the paintings that Frodo and Legolas have done of their adventure during the War of the Ring. Who knew that two so skilled with a blade could also be so skilled with a brush! We were laughing over some of them and decided to come up with captions. I am copying the paintings here, so that anyone who reads my journal sometime in the future can come up captions of their own!

(In other words, leave your captions in the comment box! I'll post the best/favorite at the end of the week.)


  1. I'm not good at captions but I'll try! :)

    the first one is the only one I thought something for.

    "There's a [i]hair[/i] in my face!"

    :-* CM

  2. Forth from the top. Pippin: "How many time do I have to say it. If you can't even see the back of my head then you really do need glasses."
    Second to bottom. Gandelf: " A diversion."

  3. fourth from the top:
    'He feels good because he uses Ray's Maximum Hold Hair Gel.'

  4. fourth from the top:
    Did he steal my curlers?
    second from the top:
    Aragorn with a fake smile clenched on his face: 'I wish legolas would take off his elf pajamas!'

  5. Top. Aragorn: "I'm sorry, the bank is closed."

  6. Third from the top. Frodo: They closed the shoe store. Sam: So much for new shoes.

  7. second from top: wheeeee!
    third from top: frodo: sam....don't look where i'm looking.

  8. This has nothing to do with your post but, why am I on your side bar? After all, I do (According to Hannah) run the Adventure Continued! I took the Character of Aragorn. Where's me! :(


  9. #1: Why is there a Pizza Hut in Mordor???

    #2: Meriadoc Brandybuck didn't your mother ever tell you not to do that.

    #3: Why did you stop Mr. Frodo??? They just closed Dairy Queen Sam.

    #4: Pippin, stop singing this minute and salute the king.

    #5:Those sure are some really ugly fireworks.

    #6: Chocolate cake with cherry frosting, thats my favorite!!!!!

  10. #1 - *to legolas* you smell!

    #3 - is that legolas doing ballet?

    #4 - Pippin: *sighs* Merry when will you learn that you don't stick your tongue out while saluting!

    #5 - Gandalf: it's open! it finally opened!
    Legolas: what is?
    Sam: The new Walmart!

    #6 - *thinking* i just found the perfect match for Frodo!

  11. 1. *shakes head* I can't believe Sauron sent his Orcs in first, Trolls are SUCH a better idea!!
    2. Elven beds are the bounciest EVER!!
    3. *gasps* Sauron's sent out the rabid rabbit-riders!! We're gonna die!!!
    4. Pippin is philosophically remarking on how it's Saruman's fault his castle got wrecked, while Merry is more interested in looking at the huge wave of water coming towards them
    5. Gandalf: Would you look at that!! Fireworks are just as pretty in Moria as they are in the Shire
    Pippin: I think Gandalf's finally lost it!! That is definitely a Balrog!!
    6. *in awe* I can't believe you stole Gandalf's staff...


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