September 22, 2009

September 22nd

My father recently gave me this journal to write down my thoughts and record what my friends tell me of the War of the Ring. I believe I shall start by introducing myself.

Silmarien eneth nin. My name is Silmarien. I am an elven princess. My mother's kin are the Teleri, of those who never left the Undying Lands. My father however, is one of the Sindar, returned to Tol Eressea from living in The Greenwood. I have never seen Middle Earth, but I have heard much about it and the War of the Ring from both my father, as well as my friends who were there and took part in it. I am quite lucky to have such honored friends!

There is Gandalf, the Wizard

Frodo, the Ringbearer

Samwise Gamgee, also a Ringbearer

Legolas Greenleaf
Gimli the Dwarf

and dear old "Uncle" Bilbo, as he is referred to by all of us.

In fact, it is Bilbo's birthday today, and Frodo's as well. I must leave now for the little celebration that we are holding for them. Now doubt Bilbo will recite his speech for us. He'd disappear too, if he could.

Frodo also has another reason to celebrate today, today is the day that Sam sailed from Middle-Earth several years ago to come to Valinor. I think Sam misses his wife Rosie sometimes, but he is happy here, as are we all.

I am glad those portraits I painted of my friends turned out - those Manwe knows how hard it was to get certain people to sit still long enough!

But here I go rambling, and this only my first entry! I really must stop now, if I'm to make it to the celebration in time. Be assured, I shall fill you in on all the details later!



  1. Suilaid, mellon-nin Silmarien!
    Im Ëarwen.

  2. Hi!
    I am really enjoying the LOTR blog week! Yay Tolkien!
    I would just like to point out that it says in Appendix B of LOTR that Rosie died before Sam sets out across the sea.
    I can't wait for more posts!

  3. Thank you Anonymous, I am glad you are enjoying it.

    And yes, I am aware of the fact that Rosie died before Sam left. Hence the reason he misses her. ;)

  4. Greetings, my dear - I wish I had thought to visit you earlier and learned of all the fun you've had this last week and joined in with you! You must do it again next year and remind me! :) Love that picture of Sam, Love Itself. And Frodo of course. *hugs the hobbits* I miss your comments!

    Namarie, God bless, Anne Marie :)


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