September 16, 2009

A Lovely Night

The other evening, my family and i were wonderfully fortunate to be able to attend A CIVIL WAR BALL!!!! It was simply lovely - the weather was absolutely perfect and i was able to wear the skirt i'd been working on and finished that day. (Thank you Saint Ann!)

We got to the battlefield just in time for the candlelight tour, which was quite fascinating and informative. Because it was dark out, we were able to see just how far the flames can shoot out from a cannon. (If your wondering how far... at least 4 feet.)

The dance itself was just lovely. We met up with some friends, met new people and danced a lot! I realized later... this was the first dance (other than the Daddy-Daughter Ball) that i've ever been to! That was the first time i'd ever danced with a guy... and the first time a guy had ever asked me to dance! So what if there was only one guy that was anywhere close to my age. *cough* I danced with him twice. (Hee hee, and got to use my southern drawl - he was a Confederate.) All my partners were very nice. =)

The dances - period to the Civil War - were quite fun as well. I hope i'll be able to remember some of them and teach them to the homeschooling group. (We only know the Virginia Reel. =P )

We didn't take any pictures from the ball, (too dark. =P ) but here are some of my sisters and i and my outfit!

Our period no smiling photograph.

Me as a fainting southern belle. ;)



  1. OMG THOSE ARE AWESOME!!!!! Gorgeous! Stunning!!!! :D :D :D

  2. Oh how fun! Thank you for posting about this!

  3. Yeah!!! you posted them!! You all look gorgeous, m'dear. :D I wish I had a hoopskirt. Hehehe. You look like you are smiling in your non-smiling pic. ;) Love ya!


  4. Cool. I always wanted to go to a Civil War Ball! :D The Dresses are amazing.

  5. please capitalize your i's!
    Thank you,
    Your Mother (and Teacher)

  6. Thank you all for your compliments!

  7. Dear Mother,
    I have a specific reason for not doing so, and it isn't because this is the internet where everyone uses atrocious spelling and grammar.

  8. Sounds like it was fn! You are very good at sewing!!! I love all the outfits!!!

  9. This has nothing to do with the skirts but can you follow mine, Danny's, and Paul's new blog (Yes another one)?


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