September 19, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 19

~ 1 ~

I found this lovely article on Lily Maiden's blog and thought i would share it with you.

n 1984, a video called The Silent Scream helped change the way people think about the unborn child. The footage of an actual abortion and the fetus’s reaction reminded us that abortion involves the death of a real person.

A recent bit of footage has similar potential, only it couldn’t be more different from The Silent Scream.

The footage was part of a recent PBS special, The Music Instinct: Science & Song. The program was an exploration of, among other things, music’s “biological, emotional and psychological impact on humans.”

Part of this “exploration” included how music affects babies. If we are, as some scientists believe, “wired for music,” then babies are ideal test subjects since their reactions are, by definition, instinctual.

Part of this research involved the effect of music on fetuses. While we knew that mothers often sing to their unborn children, we weren’t sure that the unborn child could hear them.

We are now. Read the rest here.

~ 2 ~

While on the subject of music, i found this gorgeous version of Pachelbel's Canon on YouTube today, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. It's really something!

~ 3 ~

More music, this one sad news. Jon Schmidt won't be able to sell "Love Story meets Viva la Vida". Coldplay wouldn't give permission, so no song! Jon Schmidt did redo the song, so now it's just "Love Story meets Love Story". It's pretty good and i like it, though i still like Viva better.

~ 4 ~

This does not have to do with music; movies instead. Danny just started a blog for his film endeavor titled "A Crusader's Tale". It's looking pretty nice!

~ 5 ~

In case you still haven't done this yet, go and vote for The Bible on the "What Would You Take With You" poll. You have until the 20th to vote and get everyone else you know to vote as well!

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  1. ARRRGGG Matey, you didn't say anything about it bein' international talk like a pirate day today!


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