November 11, 2011

A Sesquicentennial Celebration

Try saying that phrase five times fast....

One hundred and fifty years ago today, in 1861, classes began for the first time at North Central College, then known as Plainfield College.  The initial student population was a grand total of 40.

In 1864, the college's name was changed to North-Western and remained so until it was changed again to North Central College. (Allegedly, this was because even way back in the day, our football team was awesome, the other North Western had a lousy team, and the Chicago papers kept attributing our victories to them.  We weren't too happy with that and changed our name.)

Now, it's 11-11-2011, we're still North Central College and celebrating 150 years of awesomeness.  This afternoon, we'll have a convocation honoring our heritage as a liberal arts college, this evening, sixty-five years after the ban on dancing was lifted by a group of students who became the student organization now known a CUAB (who played a large role in planning this weeks activities, and of which I am a proud member), we'll celebrate with a Gala attended by faculty, alumni and students.  Tomorrow, we'll celebrate the fact that we still have a super awesome football team with our annual homecoming game.

Happy Birthday North Central!

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