January 15, 2013

The best thing about a new laptop is...

I got my first laptop the summer I graduated high school, so about... oh gosh, two and a half years ago already.  It wasn't seven months before I accidentally pulled it off the desk in my dorm and cracked the side, but it wasn't that bad.  The following year at school, I set it too close to the edge of my raised bed and it slid down to crack open still more on the tile floor.  Since then it's been slowly falling apart more and more to the point where the broken side (it broke by one of the hinges for the lid) is sort of dangling there and held up by duct tape.  You can't close the lid without it sort of popping out, so for over a year I have only shut the lid when absolutely necessary for transportation.

It's the side with the fan that broke, so that hasn't worked well and for over a year the (also broken) laptop fan pad has been my constant companion to protect my legs from being burned twenty minutes after I turn on my computer.  Also, it is so loud it sounds like a hyperventilating dragon. The battery is shot to the point where it tells me to go buy a new one every time I turn it on, therefore I can't go anywhere without having it plugged in and moving around the house requires being near an outlet.  For all that though, it has served me well and has continued to function well and faithfully.  Part of me will miss this crippled old creature.

Thus I made the decision several months ago that I really needed to save up for a new laptop.  I did so tonight, having come into possession of sufficient funds sooner than I thought I would.  It's a very nice laptop.  HP Envy... 6GB... AMD processor... Beats audio... Windows 8...  I've become very careful with my laptop since my current one broke, so here's hoping for several years of use in good condition.  The one thing about this new laptop that I am super excited about and can hardly wait for?

I'll be able to shut the lid.


  1. I love the look of Windows 8 – if I had the resources, I'd put it on my Mac. It's always exciting to get a new computer – have fun!

  2. New laptops are always nice. :) And thank you much for your sweet comment on my blog, Amanda! I am definitely not the perfect fashionable girl who has it all together...I go through five outfits sometimes before I settle on one I like - just like any girl! And then I have my days where I stay in yoga pants and a t-shirt. You should most certainly join me - I can't wait to see your outfits! :) xoxo


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