January 26, 2013

Once Upon a Time

There was a girl who was waiting up for her parents to return home to the castle, having sallied forth into the night to retrieve two younger sisters as they returned home from a weekend of adventure.  As she waited, she contemplated writing a post on her blog.  The idea of a story struck her fancy, and as she realized it was the week of the five year "anniversary" of having met her Knight, she did think of writing down that tale.

Her mind was weary from a late night the previous day, and a long day prior, and as her creative story telling was a in a lull - also, she did not know that she would finish before her sisters returned home to the castle - she opted to save that story for another time.

Instead, the girl thought, why not write a story about writing a story and deciding not to?  For surely the readers would find that much more interesting than anything else.  She smiled a bit to herself in satisfaction at this idea.  Surely, thousands would be hanging upon her every word.

Her story complete, and her sisters still not yet returned from their grand adventures without her, the girl sighed and hit "publish", and bravely moved on into a new occupation of her time.

The End.

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