February 1, 2013

Precisely when it intends to

Love is never late, nor is it early.  It always arrives precisely when it intends to.

Who would have thought that one of the most profound statements I've heard this week would come off of a little Lord of the Rings Valentine's graphic of Gandalf, floating around on Facebook?  The other sayings were cute, some a little silly.  Boromir and "One does not simply stop loving you", and The Mouth of Sauron with "My Master, Sauron the Great, sends me to give thee a Valentine."  They made me smile.  But the twist on Gandalf's "wizards are never late" quote made me stop and think.

I have been greatly blessed in that love found me a year and a half ago, far sooner than I had dared to hope for.  I knew that it must come eventually, but I had not expected it to arrive so early.  Yet it was not early.  I could start to see then, and I can see even more clearly by looking back now, that love had arrived precisely at the right moment, right when it intended to.

Of my close girlfriends, I am currently the only one with a boyfriend.  Some are fine with the absence of a romantic other, some are wishing and wondering when it will be their turn.  I know many girls, and young men as well, are out there wondering when or even if love will ever come to them.  I know that there are some in the world who have grown impatient and feel like love is very, very late, and so they go out to look for it.  Some will find the wrong love, some will bump into it by accident, and some will sadly cross paths without realizing they have done so because they are looking too hard.

But love is never late.  God has a plan for each of us, a beautifully written story starring you, and one other very special person.  It is hard to be patient and wait for that part in the story where love makes its entrance, and it is easy to start to worry that it is late, and has missed it's cue to arrive.  Patience.  Love is never late... it will arrive precisely when it intends to.

And how wonderful it is, how it will make up over and over again for keeping us waiting, when at last Love does arrive.

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