July 25, 2008

Resquest for your opinions and a TTFN!

I shall be gone for a few days from the computer, so I shall post tomorrows outfit on Monday. But before I leave, there is something I would like to ask your opinion on.

My mom recently posted about dressing in a feminine manner/modesty on her blog, mentioning the Week in Feminine Dress in it. After she did so, there was - is actually - a person who stepped forward with the view that this could be considered vain. I shall post the comments to avoid confusion:

Anonymous said...

beware, vanity!

Anonymous said...

So sorry. The vanity comment was refering to the dress for a week.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Rose, while dressing in a feminine manner is laudable, the attention to detail and the numerous photos could be an occasion for vainglory. Because of the simplicity of wearing a t-shirt and a skirt, it seems showy to post so many photos.

Now, I believe this person is more then entitled to their opinion, and I thank them for bringing forth points that have given me things to reflect about, and to make sure that I wasn't doing this out of vanity. I may also add, that I do not think I am.

So I was wondering what the rest of you all thought. Could this be considered vanity? Is it too showy to post many photos of the details?

Now I think that if one has the wrong attitude, it could indeed be an occasion for vanity and vainglory. Here is my response (before the last anonymous comment):

Dear anonymous,
Out of curiosity, why do you think that the Week in Feminine Dress is vain? I can certainly see how it could be, but may I inform you that the girls who do it are not doing so to say "Look at me! I am wearing feminine dress for a whole week! See how much better I am then you?"
Let me quote the young lady whom I first heard about this from:
[...]Four times a year - spring, summer, fall, and winter - the ladies at the Sense and Sensibility forums have what we call A Week in Feminine Dress. Those participating dress in feminine attire over the course of the week to show how skirts and femininity are both pretty and practical, and we share our day-to-day pictures with one another.[...]

I do not see this as something where we are trying to display how much better dressed we are then others, but as a way to show that dressing in a feminine matter can be both pretty and practical. I also see this as another way of encouraging others to dress similarly, that they are not alone, there are others out there who do wear the same kinds of clothing that you do and to not be afraid.

I would now like to respond to the showy part: I do not think that the photo's of the details are showy. I put them there, because I - like many girls I am sure - enjoy seeing all the little details of clothing and examining, sometimes wondering if I could recreate that. That is my opinion.

So now I would like yours.

Could this be considered vanity?
Is it showy to post so many photos, as well as photos of the details?
What do you think overall of the Week in Feminine Dress?

Please though, remember to keep all your comments charitable! I thank the anonymous person for doing so, and hope the rest of you will as well. God Bless!

TTFN - Ta ta for now!


  1. Vain? To promote modesty? I don't think so! It is not like you're posting three or four pictures, in different poses of each item of you outfit. You are simply giving a description of each item. I have been inspired by many different girls who do the WIFD, and I love to look at each picture and admire and learn from their outfits. I am going to start doing WIFD sometime in the near future...I'm a little busy right now.

    Wind in your sails,

  2. I don't see it being vain at all, just very thorough. You are showing all of the aspects of feminine dress, and that was the point I thought.

    Good luck with Anon. :)

  3. I know you well enough to say that you aren't doing it out of vanity. But I must say, that it always leaves the possibility open. Some girls just love showing off, and I believe that's what the commenter was trying to get across. Always keep a careful guard, there are many fields where we may fall easily without realizing it.

    ~Your Brother

  4. I think your postings were beautiful! I think your photos clearly demonstrated that feminine dress isn't just practical; it is fun and beautiful to dress in a distinctively feminine manner on a daily basis. I know that my family in particular is encouraged and even inspired by your postings to dress more girly. It is fun! When you show the detail, it gives you ideas on how you can dress up and dress down certain outfits. I believe that you are a girl that is quite interested in fashion - which is harder to do in today's society. I applaud you for showing us all that it doesn't have to be impossible to dress like a beautiful young lady! I think your pictures captured your personality quite nicely - some of them (especially with your story) truly entertained. Great job!!! Time to find some skirts now - or someone who knows how to sew!!! God Bless!

  5. Okay, I'll try and not roll my eyes at those comments, because I do know that they are well-intentioned. Just...a bit misguided. That's what happens when you try and understand a principle like beauty at a superficial level.

    Wearing pretty/beautiful dresses can indeed be used as vanity. It can also be used in a completely fine way, to draw attention to natural beauty. What's the difference? Intent.

    When you're dressing vainly (often, this means that you're also dressing immodestly), you try and draw attention to yourself, saying, "Look how pretty I am!"

    When you're dressing to accentuate your natural looks, you're saying "This is God's work, a human person, a woman." By dressing in pretty dresses, you have an opportunity to point beyond yourself. And far be it from you to smother God's creation and uglify it because you think it vain.

    It all has to be thought through, though. Understand what you're doing, understand how other people see it. But no, I don't think this thing is being vain. It's just you celebrating some of the good things of life.

  6. I do not think it is vain at all, Lady Rose. I see it simply as an encouragement. There so many young women these days that I know who would like to dress with modesty and grace, but don't believe it is possible. They see it as a choice between the fashionable but immodest, and the modest but frumpy and unattractive. I see your posts as you do - they are practical, hopeful, and uplifting. It's definitely not a self-glorification in any way, as far as I can tell. I've really been enjoying your weeks in feminine dress, sis.

  7. I don't think its vain. Its the same as filling up a blog post with pics of yourself and friends. Although I do not dress in skirts all the time I enjoy seeing how you pull it off and the cute things you find. Your posts are informative not showy.

  8. Amanda,
    I don't think it is vain. WIFD is inspirational for young girls. It shows people that they are not the only ones dressing modestly and fashionably! It is fun to use loud colors and fun accessories.

    In Christ through Mary our Mother,

  9. Lady Rose,
    I personally enjoy all the close up photos of the little detail. If you didn't post them your readers wouldn't be able to see all of it. So,thank you for those :-) I don't think your being vain at all. I hope you keep posting the pictures! God bless!

  10. @ Victoria - The next one will be in the fall, it you would like to wait for that!

    @ Mr. M - Thank you!

    @ - Yes, those were my thoughts as well. Thank you dear brother! *gulps* You know me that well?

    @ Mrs. M ~ Thank you! Yes, those were my thoughts as well, concerning details. Also, if you see the details, then it is easier to see if you have the same thing (fun!) or what it looks like so you can go out and buy/make it.

    @ Carpe - YOU COMMENTED ON MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for your comment, dear 2C2R, I appreciate your support!

    @ Autumnrose ~ Thank you my dear sister!

    @ MJ ~ Right! Thanks for your comment!

    @ Claire ~ Exactly! I love looking at the other photos girls have up, and it kind of neat to see what they are wearing today! And all the different fasion ideas... even I run out of inspiration sometimes, and need someone else to give me more ideas!

    @ Kaila ~ Thank you!

    Wow! 9 comments! I was so excited to come home and see all those waiting for me! Thank you for your thoughts!!!!!!

  11. Of course it's not vain! I do undstand where the commenter is coming from, but I disagree. I was delighted when I first discovered WIFD, but I enjoyed seeing all the delightfully refreshing and modest, pretty outfits the girls put together. Keep it up Mamma, I can't wait for your next photos! :)

    Your loving Daughter,


  12. Ooh, and I'm going to try to do it also!

  13. Here are just a few more thoughts on this topic… =)

    It is interesting that this point was brought up as I was recently thinking about it myself…can posting multiple pictures of oneself be vain?

    First of all, let’s consider a few things:
    “A Week in Feminine Dress” is a great idea, and hopefully encourages girls to dress femininely and modestly for much more than one week!

    Secondly, it is very important to inspire other girls, by example, to do the same (dress femininely).

    A blog is a useful means to spread this example, as the internet can be a powerful tool of evangelization, and the Week in Feminine Dress is a good way to provide practical tips and ideas for feminine attire. But it is important to remember the ultimate reason for “The Week in Feminine Dress”: modesty. Consider moderating the number of photos posted to a few each day – enough to give an example of the feminine outfit with a few attentions to detail without going “over-board”.

    A great example can be given by demonstrating activities in skirts that most people don’t think can be done in skirts. I know a number of girls who can play volleyball with ease, dressed in skirts with a lightweight pair of shorts or bloomers underneath.

    To demonstrate some of these activities, try taking some “action shots” (i.e. gardening or playing a sport in a casual feminine outfit, etc). Alternating activity-photos with the posed photos makes your display even more interesting.

    Finally, like all modesty, the Week in Feminine Dress does have a lot to do with attitude, motive, and presentation. Remember to do all in a spirit of handmaiden humility.

    Let us strive to have hearts turned towards Christ. Let us strive to turn other hearts not to ourselves but to Him. And let us pray that our attitude, motives, dress and deportment are always worthy of who we are: Children of God, striving to bring glory to Him in all that we do.

    Continue your work for Christ!

  14. I just have time for a quick comment, but I will say I do not think it is vain. Like Victoria said, if you are posting a bunch of pictures in different poses with the same outfit it would be one thing, but you are just posting one or two. Then all the other photos (of detail) are just great to help others recreate feminine outfits - with their own flair. I love it! I was just looking through a book of old pictures and wished there were more closeups so I could better study them and recreate them.

    Thanks Amanda! Keep up the good work!

    God bless,
    Jo March


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