July 31, 2008

Elizabeth Isn't the King...

I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!

By a stroke of genius, I found this fantastic video of yours truly, Captain Fox Turner! There are two videos; same song, different versions, and all are good! Watch them and let me know which you like better. (Personally, I think I am great in both!) So without further ado:

Will Turner Can't Wait To Be King!!!!!!



  1. For fan's of the book "Martin the Warrior", there is a hidden link in this post.

    (Think MtW w/ Pirates music)

    If you haven't read the book, the video won't make much sense, sorry!

  2. I think the second one is the funniest. I love the ending when Jack falls into the pit! That was so perfect and so Jack...I mean so me! Lol!

  3. Martin the Warrior...the cartoon. That brought back memories. *grin* I read that book halfway through watching the animated series, so I knew how it ended, and tormented my siblings with that information. Good times.

    Nice videos.

  4. I loved the video clips. I like both of them.

  5. I like both, as I said. I think, though, that the 2nd is my favorite, because I like the focus on giving Will all of Simba's lines over the 1st one, where the focus was on giving Norrington all of Zazzus (or whateverhisnameis) lines. Now if they could just combine the two...
    It'd be great!

  6. Aaaaaaaaah! Hee hee! "Willian Turner wants to be King!" Gee, watching those made me want to stand up and applude Orli...

    *shrieks* ORLANDO BLOOM/WILL TURNER!!!!!!!!! Ahem. Sorry about that, got a little carried away. ;)

    Working on the Fellowship post and the picture!

    Your loving daughter,


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