July 9, 2008

Some questions answered...

Some people were wondering what I meant by "being in love". I shall now explain,
This is Love!

*whispers* It is a cabin!

So yes, I was in the cabin Love! And a very nice, cozy little cabin it is too! There were only 9 of residing in that fair place - compared to some cabins 14 - and we all got to know eachother rather well. Our motto was, and it is perfectly biblical! "The Greatest of these is Love!" Shall I say we rather... lorded it over the other cabins? Not too much though! We also had fun going around with "love-sick" expressions on our faces, saying to those who would listen "I'm in Love!"

2) How I posted posts when I wasn't around.

It is quite simple, really. Blogger has this feature called 'scheduled posting'. You write your posts, then in the "Post Options", you set the post date for a future day such as... today is July 9th... for July 17th. Then you hit "Publish Post" as usual and when July 17th comes around the post will hopefully publish all on its lonesome! I say hopeful, because from what I have heard it doesn't always work. Well, it has worked for me so far!

Hope that clears things up a bit! More camp photos to come soon!


  1. OHHHH! Ok! I get it! WOW! I'm going to use that BLOG thing!:)

    *groans. holds an ice bag to head*
    Yes I know. You and Vicki went around all day!
    Vicki and Amanda: "We're in LOVE! HAHA!!"
    Yyyyep! That's what they did.
    HAHAHA! I'm just kidding!*slaps Amanda on back* I joined in alot of the time! IT WAS FUN! You know I never did see your cabin. hmmm. Got any more pics?:)
    God Bless,
    Elizabeth Swan:)

  2. I think the Kizior's and I were the only ones who got the love thing! =) Then again, we are the only ones who have been to camp!

    I am still laughing over Elizabeth's saying...lost faith, looking for love, in quest of hope..;o) (or something like that!!!)
    Or how about when Caroline and I walked up the love cabin and shouted "Anyone in Love???" Then started cracking up when we realized how funny that sounded!!!
    Oh the joys of camp life!!!

  3. Haha, that's quite fun, being able to say that you're in Love and meaning it literally. :D


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