July 15, 2008

Tagged again!

My dear "daughter" Raewyn (will post about my internet relations soon!) Tagged me with this um... sometime in the last few days. So here it is! I tagg My mom, Autumn Rose, Regina Doman, Kaila, Hannah, Vicki and the girls at the ModestTeen blog!

I am: A Princess of God

I think: happy thoughts as often as I can

I know: that God has given me great talents

I have: a fun family

I wish: I could be sure that all those I love and know will go to heaven

I hate: uncertainty in my life

I miss: friends that I don' see anymore

I fear: hell

I feel: peaceful, happy and (at the moment) slightly stressed.

I hear: A Veggie Tales movie playing behind me!

I smell: The fresh sent of country air

I crave: Books books and more books!

I search: for God's will in my life

I wonder: What Heaven is like

I regret: losing my temper with my siblings and not being a good friend

I love: Everyone and everything I can!

I ache: For all those who are suffering grief and loss

I am not: pessimistic about the future

I believe: In God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ His only Son Our Lord who concieved by the power of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried. He decsended into hell and rose on the third day. He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right of God the Father Almighty, from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sin and the resurection of the body and life everlasting. AMEN!

I dance: With joy

I sing: Slightly off key

I cry: When I am down and oh, my soul's so weary.

I don't always: exhibit charity as I ought to.

I fight: Against the perverse culture of our world.

I write: To organize my thoughts and speak what is in my heart

I win: whenever I can.

I lose: when I can't win.

I never: take God's name in vain or doubt His love for me

I always: try to pray as often as I can

I confuse: My non-history buff friends with my craziness over people who have been dead for at least 100 years. (Namly General Lee, Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Colonel Walter Taylor... and General JEB Stuart!)

I listen: With rapt attention... especially if I am in trouble or am being given important instructions

I can usually be found: With a book or the computer

I am scared: of heights

I need: plenty of love, attention and positive reinforcment for my survial.

I am happy about: the wonderful things God has given me.

I imagine: like Raewyn, that Middle Earth is real and that elves still live hidden in the world along with hobbits and the race of Numenor. I also imagine that the world of Redwall is hiding out there somewhere, waiting for me to stumble across it. Oh yes, I also like to imagine that I am related to General Robert E. Lee (I am not.)

I am wearing: The ever popular Wal-Mart denim tiered skirt and a t-shirt.

and I felt like adding one of my own:

I look forward too: Getting married and going to heaven!


  1. Yay! You did it!! And I love your answers!

    I look forward to getting married and going to Heaven too!

    You're going to do a post about me? *flattered* Aww... I'll do one on you too!

    *goes and adds her question to the meme*

    Love you!

  2. Hey, did you just post this?!? Cause it wasn't here just a second ago!

  3. *sighs* I never did post that picture of me in our matching skirt,did I? I shall as soon as I can!
    Mamma, I'm reading your past posts and they are really something. (Not that your newer ones have anything wrong with them!);) Ahem, anyhoo..You are so funny, brilliantly so; and you have such a wonderful love for God, and our faith. I can only hope that I may be blogging like you soon. You write so well, and with a lovely voice, standing up for the Church's beliefs, and sweetly calling on the Saints, and Our Lord.

    "Greetings, all blog readers! This is my inaugural post to ye fair ones! Who am I? Well, I shall tell thee....

    I am a teenage, pro-life, homeschooling, Catholic, just trying to live out God's will in my life. Through this blog, I hope to fulfill my name's meaning: "Worthy of Love", making myself so by sending a smile to your face, laughter to your lips, joy to your heart, and sunshine to your day. But it may not always be so; I may also ask you to stop and think about an issue, ponder words of wisdom, or take action against some injustice or wrong."

    Dearest Mamma, you do bring a smile to my face and laughter to my lips when e'r I see a comment from you or read one of your posts. PMing, and hearing from you adds sunshine to my day and gives me a little bounce in my step, for I think, "I'm so very glad I got to talk to Amanda today!" :) A bit cheesy, maybe, but true to be sure!

    "It is my hope and prayer, that you will sincerely enjoy visiting my blog, and that I in turn, may do something for you.

    God Bless!"

    I have such a lovely time visiting you, Mamma, and cannot wait to hear from you again soon!

    Much love,

  4. *in sarcastic voice* Thank you sooooo much for the honor! Actually, *goes back to noraml voice* I like this one better than the author one. I will do me best!

    C.C. Sparrow

    P.S. Sorry about recomending your blog to people since I wasn't posting...I didn't mean to put so much stress on you...*crosses fingers behind back while saying this* honest. Just kidding!

  5. *blushes* Grace, you do flatter me so! *hugs* But I don't mind! You are such a wonderful daughter!

    LOL, I get Grace's beautiful comment about my blogging, and then right below it is Vicki:

    *sarcastic voice* "Thank you sooooo much for the honor!"

    That just made me laugh.

    Yes Grace dearie, you and all my other forum relatives! Hmm, today is pretty quiet around here... or I'll just save it for tomorrow.

  6. I'm glad I could give you a good laugh, even though we are a state apart!
    Love ya,

  7. Hey, I've seen this one before. It is a good one. Always interesting to read how people respond.

    I must say, it is pretty darn cool that you are on meme-tagging terms with an author.


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