July 21, 2008

Summer Week in Feminine Dress - Days 1 and 2

Well, I can never seem to get these things started on the day I wish! But that is my fault... yesterday I was staying off the internet all day... which almost worked. (But things came up and...)

So I shall once again do days 1 and 2 in a single post! First is day 2 because... that is just how the photos ended up.

So today I am wearing an outfit that I was surprised with on my return home my first year at camp. It is a pretty as well as airy outfit that quickly became one of my favorites!

The top is a medium purple polyester/cotton/spandex mix from Wal-Mart with a "V" neck and buttons. I also wear this with several other skirts.

The skirt was one of those Wal-Mart treasures that one - if lucky - stumbles upon from time to time. It is also purple with a beautiful (and sparkley!) design around the bottom. The skirt is nice and wide, which makes it a great pick for dancing and girls club. The waist has drawstrings with little bells on the ends.

Here is a close up of the circles which are placed about knee height all around the skirt. There are about six sequins in each circle, helping to give this skirt a shimmer!

And here is the pattern around the bottom edge: more sequins!!!!!! (and flowers!)

And that is my outfit today! Photographs courtesy of my sister, Lady Kathleen.

Now for the featured outfit for Day 1! Yesterday I wore a beautiful white blouse from Blair that I had bought for Easter.

As you can see, it has gorgeous embroidery around the bottom of the blouse as well as a few leaf and flower cutouts as well. The cutouts are low enough not to cause problems, but due to the thinness of the fabric, a camisole is necessary for this outfit.

The sleeves also have a lovely design around the edges, giving them a nice finish.

With the blouse I wore my khaki skirt that I found at a thrift store last fall. A bit plainer then my usual choice for Sunday Mass, but we were all wearing the white and khaki outfits that we had donned on Saturday (for family photos) to Mass, so I needed to fit in there!

To complete the outfit and help dress it up some more, I wore my necklace that I believe my great-aunt gave to me. (I am sure more knowledgeable family members will correct me if I am wrong!). It has a Miraculous Medal as well as a pretty gold cross on an elegant chain and dresses up any outfit!

So that, my dear readers, is what I have been wearing for my WFD so far. It is to be hoped that in the Fall I shall start on time!

Coming Tomorrow: More clothes (Sorry Paul!)


    God Bless,
    Hannah Mary John Paul

  2. I love that blouse! I think I'm going to have to check out Blair; I've heard of them but never shopped with them. THey only have an online store right?

    And the purple skirt is great!! I have one of those Wal-Mart treasures too, though, due to a recent participation in the Olympic games (GO MEXICO!), it has banana all over it...still! =)
    I hope it comes out!

    God bless,
    Jo March

  3. I love the top outfit Rose.

  4. USA WAS BETTER THEN MEXICO MISS MARCH!!!!!! Why? You may ask? Because that is the team I was on!!!!

    NOTE: No, we are not talking about the "real" Olympics.

    I know! I still have banana all over mine from that stupid game!!!! *groans*

    Yes, they have an online store... and pretty much all of it is modest, so that is great.

  5. Blair also has a catolog.

    (Russia was the Best

  6. You know, Lady Rose, maybe you should do a post on the olympics (GO IRELAND)

    You could call it Banana Splits ;-)

    At least my team didn't break the banana at the first person (like another team that I could mention)

    Anyway, at least Ireland came in second...from the end!

    ~Kathleen O'Neighbor

  7. Lady Rose,

    Did the banana on your skirt turn brown? That's what happened on mine, and since mine is an off white skirt it is very noticeable!!

    AHHHHH!!! Never playing that again!


    ~Jo March

  8. I went and washed off my clothes right away...ick. I was the second person and the first girl had completely mashed the banana...what # where you Amanda?

    GO USA!!


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