July 10, 2008

While doing some reaserch...

On the band Celtic Spring - I was looking for a song of theirs - I well, I discovered them! Wow, are the awesome! They are a Catholic (I am assuming) homeschooling family of 8. And they are amazing! They all began learning Irish step dance and violin when they were four, have recently been on EWTN, came in 3rd on "America's Got Talent" (though they should have come in first!) and they were chosen to be one of the acts at World Youth Day! Here is a video of them preforming on America's Got Talent. They are so cool!

Here they are again!


  1. Amazing!! I never watched the 'americas got talent' show, but now I'm sorry I missed out on this one! They are so talented!! :)
    Thanks for posting~


  2. WOWOWOWOW! THEY ARE SOOO COOL! Thanks for sharing Amanda! Um, sorry: Thanks Miss Turner!:);)
    God Bless,
    Elizabeth Swan

  3. wow there amazing wish i could do some thing like that!

  4. I saw them when they were on "America's Got Talent". They were totally awesome and really should have one. Playing the violin AND clogging? Insane! Amazing!

  5. They are incredible. Plus they kind of look like fairies. And it was fun to see the littlest boy doing the exact same steps the beginners learn at my school. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Do you think they would adopt me? ;)

  6. miss kitty von gibbsJuly 11, 2008 at 11:42 AM

    WOW that was so cool. I wish that I could play like that. =(

  7. Are they amazing, or are they amazing?

    LOL cuilean... you never know! They might!

  8. I saw them when they were featured on EWTN and they were really good! They did a really neat program of singing, dancing and playing...all live! Plus, in the interview section, you can tell they are a really nice family.

    God bless,
    Jo March


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