July 22, 2008

Summer WIFD ~ Day 3

Today, for a nice change of scenery, I took the photos on my grandparents lovely front garden. Little bench, pretty flowers, nice trees... quite different from the no trees/cornfield scenery of my home! And shade... ah! Blessed thing!

Well, today I am wearing another Wal-Mart treasure: the ever popular and famous denim tiered skirt which almost everyone seems to own! Photos of the details on this skirt can be found in this post. It really is a nice skirt! Depending on the top, it can be worn for almost any occasion!

Today I paired my skirt with this soft pink top from who-knows-where. Honestly, I wish I could remember where I got some of my clothing... but, it seems I have so much else that is nigh impossible! At any rate, it is a very nice shirt!

The neckline has a "v" dip in it, which doesn't come too low, so that is nice. It is bordered by elegant stitching, which you can see in this slightly blurred photograph.

I have my hair pulled back in a, well, it isn't exactly a barret. What it is is one of those leather strips with the two holes and you push the stick through the holes, with your hair between the stick and the leather. I got mine from Wal-Mart a couple of years ago, and my hair was actually too thick for it. But either it streatched, or once I got my hair cut it became thinner, because now it works just fine! I love the flower design on it.

Being someone who loves jewelry, I am wearing a pink stretch bracelet that I got as a prize in piano lessons a few years back. (About five... I think.) Simple, yet pretty.

And that, my fair readers, is the end of today's entry in the Week in Feminine Dress!

Coming Tomorrow: Even more clothes! (Terribly sorry Paul.... =)


  1. Catherine MorlandJuly 22, 2008 at 3:26 PM

    I didn't know that you got anything with music money other than music! [maybe that's just because that's all I ever got (lol)]

    Very pretty pictures. I think that the WIFD is a great idea.

    See you soon!

    ~Catherine Morland (the younger)

  2. Hey! That is the exact same barret I have! Coincidence?

  3. Catherine....

    Different piano teacher!

  4. lovely pictures...I especially like the black and white one.


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