July 25, 2008

Feast Day

St. Christopher is a saint that I have been invoking since I began driving (and learning to drive) last year. He was a third century mayrter, but other than that, the rest that is known about him is considered legend. According to legend, Christopher had the job of guiding travelers across a stream. One night, a child appeared, asking to be carried across. Christopher complied, but as he crossed the stream the child's weight became so great that it nearly crushed him. The Child was Jesus Christ.
St. Christopher is the patron of travel, travelers, people who carry things and drivers of all kinds. He is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

St. Christopher... Pray for us!

Note: I must ask St. Christopher's fogivness, for I mistakenly thought his feast was JUNE 25th, and posted accordingly. I have now moved it to the right date.


  1. Sweet. :) Reading this blog will increase my Catholic literacy.

  2. I have also read that St. Christopher was supposed to be very tall. My son's name is Christopher and he is indeed tall like his namesake. LOL


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