July 28, 2008

Welcome to the Self-Proclaimed Pirates of the Caribbean Blog Week!

Ahoy there mates! May I introduce mah self as Captain Fox Turner! I shall be your guide and poster during our sail this week through the waters of Pirates of the Caribbean fandom. And you shall always remember this as the day you met Captain. Fox. Turner.

Why all the big tadoo?
Well mates, it's like this. A few months back, I had an idea for doing a week on me blog where all the posts had to with Pirates of the Caribbean, savvy? I then hit upon the revelation that this year is the fifth anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl entering the theaters! So it is a celebration like! It came out in theaters on July 9th, so I was going to do this that week, but due to a tragedy around that time, it has been postponed until today.

The Main Event (For today!)
So mates, wi'out further ado... let us begin this week by setting sail into Enchanted waters! Presenting:
"That''s How You Know its Pirates of the Caribbean"


  1. Yes its pirates week. I can't wait to see your posts Rose. I love the video. I may watch the first movie this week in memory.

  2. Captain F. TurnerJuly 28, 2008 at 1:50 PM

    Ahoy mate! Ah am very glad you like it!
    Ah must say Ah shall be lookin' fo'wa'd to it mahself!!!!

    Dead Coon's tell no tales!

  3. Hey! What do ye mean "dead Coons tell no tales"? I find that highly insultin'! I may maroon ye, ye ungrateful.....ungrateful.....fox! Savvy? Now, will ye appologize?

    -CAPTAIN Coon Sparrow

  4. *throws arm around Coon' shoulders*
    Aw come on mate, ya know I dinn't mean nothin' boi iy! I be right sorry for affendin' ye! Just that Ah'd already said "Dead fozes tell no tails" three toims, an' AH was gettin' tired of it. Sorrry mate!

    Dead foxes have no tails.

  5. Thank ye. *in Barbossa voice* But in the future watch your tongue!
    Wind in your sails,

  6. Yay! Loved the music video!



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