July 24, 2008

Summer WIFD ~ Day 5

Welcome to Thursday's edition of "A Week in Feminine Dress!" Today I am wearing - uh, er.... um... My head, Yaviel's body and Lady Kathleen's legs!!!! Good heavens! That isn't what I put on this morning! Who did this? Who's idea? What scandalous traitor has convinced the idea for this dastardly... What? Oh, it was me? I see.

So this is what I am really wearing today! Another summer time outfit, taken - once again - with the sun in front of me so I can't open mine eyes! I shall have to remember tomorrow to find a spot that is facing away from the sun!

So, my skirt is a pretty peasant-ish style - typically refered to as a broomstick skirt - that I got from...... any guesses? Anyone? I won't tell you where, but leave your guesses in the comment box and when the first person to get it right gets it right, I shall spill the beans. But honestly... it shouldn't be too hard to guess! If you can't.... you have not read my past posts! (There, now I've just practically spilled the beans)
I like this skirt, because it so light and flowy, and due to the many patterns and colors, I can wear almost any color top! For the record, it goes with white, pink, purple, turquoise, blue, and probably even green!

My top is a turquoise "v" neck that I am almost positive came from Wal-Mart... wait! Ha Ha! It didn't!!!! I remember!!!!!! I got it three years ago as a birthday present along with a skirt that didn't fit! And... and.... it was from Kohls!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, that is a first! Usually I can't remember - but I did!!!!!!!

Today mine hair (which almost looks redddish to my poor deluded hopeful mind) is pulled back in a clip from what could very well be re-named "Lady Rose's Closet". Where else but... Wal-Mart. Gosh, I really have to go non-Wal-Mart tomorrow... this is getting so repetitive!
But it is a lovely clip, and works very well for pulling back part of my hair or all of it!

And I am afraid the lovely cornflowers - I think that is what they are - got the best of me. Hmmm... wonder if they were poppy's in disguise? I have never heard of a cornflower making someone unconcious.... or from the er, lovely expression on my face.... dead. Aw, I am dead? That is so sad! No more week in feminine dress!!!! What ever shall I do? =O

But wait! I am revived again! (Ha, fooled you!)

Thank you for once again dealing with my nuttiness - which is significantly more toned down today then it was yesterday. But what can I say? (Except quote another movie?)
"Would you love me if I was anything but what I am?" Courtesy of Tia Dalma there folks, Pirates 3.

See ya tomorrow!


  1. I am guessing the skirt is from a thrift store.

  2. I am guessing the skirt came from Wal-mart.

  3. I have a skirt sort of like that, in green. :D Yours is prettier. Mine is more... random. :P

  4. Congrats to Anonymous! Yes, the skirt is from Wal-Mart!


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