July 5, 2008

In God We Trust

Who else can we turn to in times of tragedy?

Some of you may know of "The Illustrious Marceg", friend of "Master Paul Xavier", from reading the blog Catholic Discussions that Marc co-wrote on; or from the Fairy Tale Novels Forum. I just received the news today - due to a weeks absence from home - that Marc and his father died this past week; Thom (the father) on June 30th and Marc on July 1st. Marc, his father and two siblings were out swimming on a lake, towards an island. Thom was carrying the youngest daughter, while Marc and his brother were swimming on ahead. They heard their sister calling for help and turned to see her in the lake, alone. Marc told his younger brother to get to the island and went back for his sister. He was able to push her to safety and then went back for his dad. He was brought to the hospital barely alive and died the next morning.
Please keep their family in your prayers and pass along this petition. The family has had problems - such as un-employment and the house burning down - previous to this, so pray that they will be helped in their time of trial.

I find it.. interesting, shall I say?... Coincidental, that during this past week at camp, one of the homilies and the meditation was on how you can never know the time of your death. Who knows when you or your loved ones will die? All we can do, is to try and be ready for it when it comes. I was glad to hear from Paul that Marc had been able to go to confession shortly before his death, and that he was able to receive a blessing and the Anointing of the Sick. I am comforted by the thought that they must be both in heaven, or else close to it. Very close.

Here is a beautiful comment that a friend of Marc left on the Fransican Friar's blog:
As I write this tears of joy, and of sorrow are welling up in my eyes, so if I have any misspelling please forgive me. Thom was a true knight as Father has stated. He had all the makings of a true knight for Our Lady. He showed wisdom, knowledge, counsel, understanding, fortitude, piety, and fear of the Lord. As you might have guessed these are also the gifts of the Holy Spirit who flowed out of Thom at various stages throughout the encampment process (preparing, and enacting). He also had justice, he never gave up on that "lost sheep". When problem arose between boys he was always fair, and prudent in his judgments, usually the rights always overcame the wrongs, I think Thom always worked it out that way. He was an example of the way a knight, a Father, and a Grand Pubah, should be. I always looked to him for inspiration, and guidance. I will continue to do so. Thom will always stand out in my mind as someone who laughed and laughed, and laughed. His house burns down, he laughs, the mortgage company pulls a fast one on him, he laughs, he cooks a turkey in a garbage can for thanksgiving dinner, and it is ready 3 days later, he laughs. Nothing could defeat this man, nothing. Now I'm not saying he isn't human and didn't have his moments, but every time you saw Thom is was a guarantee that he was with one of his kids, and he was laughing.

Marc knew this. That is why he never would let his father go alone, no not Marc. Marc wouldn't let go of anything without a fight. He, he, and what can I say about Marc that has not already been said, thought or remembered. He was, is, and will always be a hero and a Saint in my mind. To go through the "system" with both hands up fighting away the devil at every turn, every corner, for Our Lady and Our Lord. I mean come on, his house burns down, he lives in a camper, takes his younger sibling to the bathroom in 2 feet of snow, up stairs onto a floor that is all wet ant rotting, brings them back, without any complaint, but just the opposite, he thinks it is great because of how many souls he is saving. What 18 year old has the mindset, the resolve, the fortitude of that young man, and wouldn't be considered a Saint. Please send us miracles Marc, I want to be at St. Peter's Square when your banner is unveiled, so we can all recite the Knight's Salter in your honor. He is truly a hero, and Thom and Carol should be held up as models of what parents should emulate, strive for, revere and achive.
You will be missed Friar Tobey, you will be missed. Like Thom, Marc laughed in his own way, a sarcastic comment here, and a sigh behind a smile there, the non-guilty look he gave when you know for sure he did something that he should look guilty for. The way he always played with kids of all ages from my 1 year old, to a sarcastically mean 30 year old, he ways always willing to play.

I pray that my sons will one day be able to be as heroic as Marc was throughout his life, and in his death.

I will miss Thom smiling behind that big bushy beard of his, those kind eyes looking deep into your heart, and seeing you for you. I will miss Marc, or Friar Tobey as I loving called him, going 40 mph on the ranger through the woods. I will miss both of them just being…them. I am consoled though knowing that they are looking down from heaven saying to us, "Come on guys, we got it good, we made it, be strong." Thom, Marc your legacy will live on forever, you are true Knights.

Once again, please keep their family and friends in your prayers and petitions and pass this along. Marc and Thom were truly Knights in every meaning of the word.

To read more about Marc and his Dad, you can visit Regina Doman's Blog, as well as the Fransican Friars of the Immaculate .

To help out the Girard Family, you can donate money through Regina Doman's PayPal account. It can be found on her blog.

Eternal Rest grant unto them, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.


  1. Ha, his name would either be Friar Job or Friar Tobey. :D Miss you so much Marc! :( Thanks for the post Rose!

  2. I will keep them in prayers, family and friends too!


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