July 25, 2008

Summer WIFD ~ Day 6

Greetings! Today I am slightly more dressed up (I consider this a nicer outfit), since we will be attending the Miles Christi Night of Recollection tonight. It is a very beautiful time, with Mass, Confession and two spiritual talks.

My top today is two different shirts for a layered look. The bottom shirt - a very lovely rose colored sweater type- is a passed-on shirt, as is the tan shirt on top. I hit on this combination one day when I felt like coming up with something "new" to wear. The neckline on the tan shirt come far too low for me to ever where on it's own with comfort, so it is a good choice for layering.

In this photo, you can see both the necklace that I am wearing today, as well as the pretty lace-like edging on the pink shirt. I recived the necklace from a cousin on my graduation from 8th grade. The three circles say 'wish', 'spirit' and 'laugh'. It is pretty enough, and really like the chain.

The skirt I have donned today is - guess what: NOT from Wal-Mart or a thrift store! Yay! It is from the store Christopher and Banks, and I received for my 16th birthday. The cream, pink and tan pattern allow it to be worn with a shirt of any of those colors. The skirt is mostly linen, which gives it a different feel then the rest of my summer skirts.

My earings today are these very pretty gold hearts with pink roses on them that my parents gave my for my birthday. Quite pretty, as well as elegant!

My hair is pulled back in my usual hairstyle with a clip that used to be my moms. I really like the flower design on it, as well as the red center.

So that is today's week in feminine dress! There are no wackiness, quotes or other absurdities because I did not feel like adding those today, and also, my mother said I more likely than not scared all my readers away. I don't believe her.. but if I don't get any comments, I guess she is right. (Hint, hint... leave a comment!)

God Bless Y'all!


  1. Don't worry, you didn't scare us away! We love your blog and a little silliness is good for everybody!
    In Christ through Mary our Mother,

  2. Wow, you have such lovely skirts. :D

  3. @ Claire - I am glad you think so! I didn't really think that I scared you away! ;)

    @ Delaney - Why thank you! I like my skirts, but I do sometimes lament the fact that I have very few skirts that are good for cleaning the barn or weeding the garden!

  4. I love all your skirts! Very pretty :-)


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