July 19, 2008

My Online Relatives....

I am sure you have noticed that I mention various "sisters" and "brothers" from time to time. (Important note, when they are in those quotation marks, they aren't my real brothers and sisters.) Where do they come from? You may ask. Well, with nothing else to do today, I thought I might clear things up for the uninitiated.

My "relatives" - I like calling them my spiritual relatives - are all from the famous Fairy Tale Novels Forum, which is basically the online home for many of the fans of Regina Doman. Throughout the Forum's six month existence, from time to time people would exclaim "Sister! *hugs*" when coming across someone who had the same interests as them. Some "kept" that relationship. During the ...er... slightly infamous engagement episode on the forum, I adopted the 'bride' (Raewyn) as my daughter. Over time, acquired another "daughter" and a "son". Things began escalating, and Elena, suggested that we begin a thread devoted to sorting out our "family members". Thus the beginning of the most popular thread I have ever started.

Pretty soon, people began asking to be "adopted". (For the record, forum member "Donteatfish" was the first). We are all now pretty much interconnected in various ways and have four thriving "homes", which I will list later. First though, our family tree with notes by moi - in italics.

The Fairytale Forum Family Tree
(thus far)

Fairy Godmum: Lillymaiden

parents/grandparents - Regina Doman = Andrew (authors husband)
Those immediately below this text are the aforementioned couples "children".

Elena - Lady Rose /Miss Fishy [twins] - Master Paul (aka Mr. Darcy) - Meg - RoseofSpring - - AutumnRose - Lady Raina
From here comes the various families of the forum

Elena = Theodred (Yes, Eomer and Eowyn's cousin)
They reside at Rivendell

Lady Clare -Delaney - Lanta (Theresa) - Kittycat - Donteatfish - Lady Rachel - Lady Lucy (booketgirl11)- Lady Sarah - Lady Andie - Lady Ithilian - Baby Ewan

Lady Rose= King Peter the Magnificent
They reside at Cair Paravel in the winter and Bag End in the Summer.
Grace/Littlewanderer[twins] - Gwendolyn~Rose - Thisishome - Aussie - Monnieb - Phantomess - Maskedviolinist - Puritylover

Paul = ?????

Marceg (deceased) :'(

Meg = Edward ~ MJ(lovesballet) MJ is Edwards "mom"
They reside at Cullen Manor

Lady Blanche - Froggy - Marie - Anastasia - Emmy - Elphaba - Trinamariah

servant: Mamselle D Wait... how did she end up a servant? *shrugs* Oh well.

Great-Aunt Qiscrazy
Residing at what I think is called The Weeping Willow Estate

adopted children
Carpe, Hadassah, Rosemary

And that, my dear readers, is my large and lovely family! So I hope you won't be too confused in the future when I mention my dear "daughters" "sisters" "brother" and "nieces". And now I must go tell my family that they are all famous now....
By the way, if any of you ever join the forum, I am sure someone would be more then happy to adopt you! *whispers* See me first!!!!!

Ps. If you are confused... see the comment box below? You have my permission to use it!


  1. You forgot about me... =(...well, I guess I don't exactly count because we are not online "brothers" but maybe (if I can talk my mom into letting me join the forum) we could be!

    God bless,
    Jo March
    aka James the lesser (brother to Jude [Amanda])

  2. *Smiles Happily*

    You put a lot of work into that informative post, sister dear!

  3. Yessss, Ive made it onto a blog other that my mom's. I love the post Lady Rose. Having an online family is really nice.

  4. Yay cousin! i'm famous now!


  5. My darling sister! And how wonderful it is to have you as a "relative"! I'll pray for you. Happy feast of St. Margaret (I know that you would be able to slay a dragon if it was for the glroy fo God, sis!)

  6. Um...I still don't get it but that's okay! Hahaha! I am not related to you which I am kind of glad of because it would be waaaaaay confusing! We are just Pirate buddies content to sail the seas....I hope.
    Wind in your sails,
    C.C. Sparrow

  7. Teehee thanks for explaining that! The crazy great aunt has tried to a few times but it helped seeing it! lol Can I be adopted even though I'm not on the forum? Just kidding...

    Lady Miranda

  8. YAY!!!!! *Yells and runs around room* I just got 7 comments!!!!!
    *grins* I knew this would be a popular post!

    @ my brother Miss March - YESSSSS!!! Preciousss mussst join forum!!!! (And read LOTR) =)

    @ Elena - Thanks sissy! *rolls eyes* You have no idea... the trouble, the toil, the pain! Oh! The heat! *collapses on floor* It did actually take me two days, because I started it late the 1st day and checking for blogs takes a long time!

    @ MJ - You are welcome... uh... mother-in-law-of-my-sister??? I know, it is great to have a big family!!!!! Even a virtual one! YESSS!! More people to pray for!

    @ Elphaba.... Um, aren't I your aunt?

    @ Autumnrose - Thank you! Happy feast to you as well! LOL, I am glad you have such confidence in my bravery and ... killing skills!

    @ Cap'n Coon - Well, once you read the rest of "Mom's" books (Wow, it feels so weird and... special! calling Regina 'mom') anyhow, once you read the rest of the books, join the forum and hopefully that will clear things up!

    @ Lady Miranda - So... you know my "great aunt?" Actually, she is my aunt... but she is a great aunt!

  9. WOW! That's cool Cap'n! I love it! I think I'm going to do this on my BLOG!...IF i CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO IT!;)
    God Bless,
    Hannah Mary Johnn Paul
    Elizabeth Swan

  10. Yay, Mamma! You finally got the post up! *hugs her*

    More later...


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