July 23, 2008

Summer WIFD ~ Day 4

Kathleen: Hey Rose! Nice skirt!
Me: And it's cursed!
Kath: Is it really? Does it happen to have secret inscription of ancient evil on it?
Me: Hmm... well let's see... it says

ACHOO!!!! (Ooh! My hair looks red!!!!!)
Kath: Look below that!
Me: It says....
The wearer of this skirt is gorgeous!!!!!!
Kath: Just get on with the fourth day will you!

Me: *sniff* Fine!

OK, so today is - quite obviously - the fourth day in my Week of Fearsome - I mean Feminine - dress. (Forgive me.... I am in a bit of a wacky mood today! *mutters* To much awesome Redwall fanfic...)

So today I am wearing what might be my all time favorite skirt and absolute best thrift store find! Such a gorgeous minty green.

And these fantastic sparkely, multi colored ribbons running through it... ah! Such beauty!!!! The glow! How mesmerizing! (Told you I was wacky!)

And my gold shirt matches those beautiful um... flowers ... behind me to perfection!!!! What a stroke of brilliance in taking my photos there! And no I do not know where I got this shirt!!! But I like it! =)
I am also wearing a Miraculous Medal heart necklace that I wore in this post, and a gold circle head band that I wore in this post!
(Yikes! We are all affected by this strange madness! My beloved brother tis sining Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer!)

Now! Begone all of you! I tire of your presence!!!

No, not really. I just had the urge to take a um... weird photo. (I am sure I will be regretting putting it on here in about... a year.) But the queen of clean... I mean the princess of, of, what rhymes with princess? The maid of shade.. Yes that reminds me...
As you can see in the darling photo below, I am squinting in the sun. Like I said:
No trees
No shade
No rest for poor Smeagol.
He's a sneak.

Now that I have completely scared you all away from my blog .... Farewell! Do not expect tomorrow's post to be as entertaining as this... but then again... you never know!!!!!


  1. A few footnotes:
    *general groan from readers*

    1) My "brother" Master Paulie said he would come look at these... but I think this will scare him away. Too bad. So sad. I'm glad.

    2) If you need any further proof of my nuttiness:
    My "sister" Delaney and I decided that I am part mouse.
    *readers* WHAT???
    Well, I have realized that I have fallen in love with every literary talking mouse I have come across.
    "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM"
    You get the picture.

    BUT... I do NOT like real ones! As in: I do think they are cute, but I if I see one *screams and jumps on chair*

    Also, I used to have a gorgeous long tail, but I lost it in an accident similar to Reepicheeps.
    Alas! Did not get mine back because
    1) My sisters would not give up THEIR tails
    2) Aslan wasn't around.


    Delaney said that I must certainly be part mouse, but the human/elvish part of me detests the fact so that I am scared of mice. But not very scared of mice....

    3) I do actually have one slightly pointed ear, which is how I know I am part elven.

    Love you all!

  2. Very interesting, dearest daughter. This may, indeed, drive some of your more sane readers away! Like me, for instance....bye

  3. Paulie? *snort* :D

    HAHA! :D Deary me, I do wish I could have seen your tail before you lost it. *sigh*

    I also came to another interesting conclusion about the word 'them' as it is used in music lyrics. I shall tell you about it sometime.

    Lovely skirt! I love how the pictures were taken beside those yellow flowers. Bee-YOO-tiful. :)

  4. i thought that you were going to put the one of us looking at your skirt on here. you can act a bit strange some times when you are in a nutty mood my dear sister.

    "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father prepare to die."

  5. Miss Kitty GibbsJuly 23, 2008 at 5:58 PM

    I don't mind it when you are in a nutty mood ={

    ~ Lady Kathleen

  6. *knocking*
    Amanda: Who is it?
    Mysterious person behind the door: Evil Cooooon Sparrow!
    I absolutely love the outfit and I think you are such a picture for sore eyes! Which means you look beautiful dear. *smile* I loooove the pic with you leaning back to look, or smell, (I don't know which) the flower(s). I especially am in favor of the intro!

    Wind in your sails,

    P.S. Would you pleeeeease give me a call! I have tried to call you two times, and both of them you weren't home, and I am embarrassed to try again. *blushes* I gave your dad my phone number when I called the second time. If you don't have it, email me. Love ya!

  7. You are so beautiful! I have such a beautiful Mamma! :D Hey, guess what? I mention you in my profile; go check!!!

    You are so funny! I love the "No shade. Smeagol a sneak." ROTFL!

    Okay, I really really need to get that picture to you... *sniffle* You're not mad, are you? I'm sorry, it's just it's not a very good picture. :( Grrr.

    You have a pointed ear?!? *gasps in awe*

    I LOVE YOU!!!

    Your most Precious,


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