January 31, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 3

This is really late in the day this week, but I couldn't help it. I went to this amazing pro-life teen conference today and was able to hear talks by Dr. Alveda King (Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece), Eric Scheidler and Brian Kemper. The talks were awesome, and definitely made me want to become more involved with the pro-life movement. We also had a picket sign making contest, where we divided up into groups under four various situations, and each team had to make a sign fitting in with that situation. They then picked the best signs from each of the catergories, and then we all picked the best over all. The winning sign was under the situation: President Obama is coming to your town. Create a sign highlighting his pro-abortion stance. The sign read:
Start that "change" now!
Stop Abortion!
We all loved that sign! I was in the same catergory, and my groups sign read:
A Baby
Not Tissue
A Gift
Not a punishment
So if you ever see signs anywhere saying that, we came up with them! It was a lot of fun. Although I wish there hadn't been a conference. Well, hopefully abortion will soon be abolished and there won'd ever have to be another one!

Fitting in with the pro-life theme, here is an amazing commercial that television stations refused to air during the SuperBowl tomorrow. A Must Watch! I get chills every time I see it.

Volition. Another wonderful, amazing and awesome video. It is about 15 minutes long, but is certainly worth the time to watch it three or four times, so that the many layers to this sink in. For your information, according to Webster...
Volition: An act of making a choice or decision; also; a choice or decision being made.
That should help in understanding the film.

Blogger is such a pain. I highlighted those red words and made them bold a couple of takes up, and now I've been fighting with it ever since! It won't stay black and un-bold! So who knows what color and type this will all post in. If it posts at all. It's been 'saving' for the past five minutes.

Lastly, one more video. Yes, yes I know. But this is another good one. It's a song, and after watching it three times, I think they are making fun of O'bama, but I'm still not really sure. Watch it and decide for yourself. I'll put the link, because you have to read the lyrics too!
There's No One as Irish as Barack O'bama.

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  1. Ha! I knew it! The Mr. Linky thing is in red bold, and it's supposed to be in black! I KNEW it!

  2. I recall a sign at a Walk For Life that said
    something about the "Obamanation". Get it?
    I suppose it's sadly true. :-(

  3. What kind of trouble did you have with the
    colors? It should stay the same once you change
    it. Maybe you have an Obama thug tampering
    with it. :-) And it usually saves every few

  4. You'll forgive me, a stranger, for being so
    assertive about commenting. You see, I am a
    fellow Catholic and a Phantom of The Opera
    and LOTR fan and I was so thrilled when I found your blog. It's amazing how many people
    you can find just by going through the chain of
    followers. :-)

    By the way, I noticed that you favor the Novus
    Ordo. Would it be safe for me to say I favor
    the Latin Mass?

  5. Yeah you would think so, but sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time it works pretty well, but every now and then Blogger gets a mind of its own!
    I think the reason why it was taking so long to save was because the connection on my computer was slow.
    Ha ha! Yes, perhaps Obama does have something to do with it! (My family always blames things on Obama!)

    I don't mind your numerous comments at all! Hardly anyone else ever comments, so this is nice!

    I should probably find that again and re-clarify, I favor the Novus Ordo in Latin. AGH! So many types of the mass! Extraordinary form of the Mass (AKA 'Latin Mass'), Novus Ordo in Latin (@ Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament is where I attended, it was beautiful!) and Novus Ordo (aka the 'regular mass', in the vernacular). Ha ha, yes, it is perfectly alright for you to favor the Latin Mass. I've only been to one low Latin Mass, so I haven't experienced it that much. Unfortunately we live a good 45-60 minutes from a Latin Mass, so that's why I've only gone once.

  6. Ah yes, if you have slow connection speed,
    then you'll probably have some unusual
    problems. But then again, it could be Obama.
    :-) I like to blame everything on him too. I'm
    always predicting the FBI to raid our house at
    any moment on account of his order. I'm sooo

    Oh good. I always have this feeling that I'm
    sticking my nose where it's not wanted. :-)

    I forgot about there being Novus Ordo in
    Latin. Here's my humble and brief opinion.
    The Novus Ordo appears to me as being more
    interactive with the people. The Latin Mass
    seems to have a more medatative atmosphere, as
    it appears to focus more on God: partially
    because of the priest facing the altar as
    opposed to him facing towards the people.

    Now, the High Mass isn't as silent as the
    Low Mass (it varies slightly from church to church though), as there is usually a choir
    and the responses are chanted. I hope you get
    to go to a High Mass!! I haven't been to one
    in quite a while.

  7. My mom has been reading the booklet she got that has the Latin Mass in it (the words, both Latin and English as well as explanations for why the priest is doing why he is doing) and she said the same thing. The Novus Ordo, particularly in the vernacular when the priest faces the people, is almost like a conversation, it doesn't have quite the same reverence as the Latin Mass. Granted the reverence of the Mass will depend on the priest who is saying it, but it isn't as meditational.
    That's why I love the Novus Ordo in Latin, though the only times I've been to a Novus Ordo Latin Mass was in Hanceville AL at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament. There it was so beautiful! It's been over a year, sadly, but from what I remember, I think almost all the prayers were in Latin, probably all... well, it was like the vernacular Mass, only in Latin. But the priest faced the same way as the people, which was really nice, and they didn't do the sign of peace. Now that is nice and all, but I am of the opinion that it does tend to disrupt the Mass and turn into more of a "Hi! How are you?" kind of thing. Didn't miss it at all!

    I hope I can go to a High Mass too! It would be nice to go to a Latin Mass again, because last time we had booklets with the Latin/English translations, but the booklets were for High Mass and we were at Low Mass so it was really confusing!

    BTW, I really hope you don't mind, *blushes* but uh, are you a guy or a gal? I couldn't tell from your username, so I was just curious.

  8. My goodness, it has been such a long time since I've been on your blog, my dear brother! Funny how life can get busy and you find yourself no longer doing important things, like checking your friends blogs! So sorry!

    Anyway, two quick comment (b/c I really should be doing science, not commenting on your blog...oh well!) 1) The Irish Barack Obama video is so funny! I can no longer hear his name without thinking of the way they pronounce it on that video. 2) You'll have to come with us sometime and go to a High Mass. They do it so beautifully at St. John Cantius! I hope that happens soon. :)

    Anyway, gotta run and actually do science...
    talk to you soon!
    ~James the Lesser

  9. Um, why do you ask? I'm a guy. I don't make a habit of revealing my name and personal info on the internet, but I think I can tell you that much since you appear to be a good Catholic after all. :-)

  10. Oh ok. I'm sorry if that seemed like a weird question, but I did want to know that much at least. You appear to be a good Catholic as well ;) but usually when strangers show up on my blog and hold conversations with me, I like to know just a little about them as well.
    I kind of figured you were a guy from the name, but you never know. And this way I won't ask any questions like "what is your favorite brand of make-up?" *laughs* Not that I would do it anyhow, since I don't wear make-up *gasp*.

  11. Good for you!!! (and I'm not just saying that because I'm a guy and hate anything feminine)

  12. Thanks. I do my best, but I have my faults likeanyone. I suppose we Catholics have to spend our lives rooting out our vices though.


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