January 24, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 2

I'm home!!!!!!!! Oh it was sooooo wonderful! Ok, in case you didn't figure out from my previous post, I went to the March for Life! Totally unplanned and unexpectedly! Let's see, I heard of a group to go with on Saturday (Thank you Miss March! Wish you could've come!), I was told I could go on Tuesday, and I left on Wednesday and was at the March on Thursday! It was totally awesome!!!! I loved every minute of it, and I wish I was still there! (I'll add pictures to this post sometime today). I think that today's quick takes will be about the March... I mean really, how could I talk about anything else?

The trip
I left Tuesday night to spend the night with some friends who were going on the March as well, and at 4 in the morning or something we headed off to meet up with the group we were going with. After mass at the church, we loaded up and I rode for the first time in a travel bus. Those things are so cool! They are big, have no seatbelts, and have TVs! The absence of seatbelts took about a 1/2 hour to get used to and I was soon walking around the bus and didn't miss the belts at all! There were two buses, the girls bus and the boys bus, which was nice. On Wed. we watched The Ultimate Gift and Window to the Womb (a 1/2 hour film about ultrasounds). Friday on the way home we watched Expelled and parts of Maria Goretti. The ride was really fun, so even though we were in the bus all day, you didn't notice. The snacks were awesome too. =) By far the best part of the trip was the fact that we were a Catholic group with priests and brothers along, we prayed and sang religous music, and prayed and sang somemore! It really helped in keeping us focused on why we were on the bus heading to D.C.

The Day of the March
The Awesome Group (my group!) went to mass at St. Patrick's church in D.C., and it was beauitful!!! Not only was the church pretty (and they had a mosaic of St. Rose of Lima!) but the mass was wonderful as well. Besides the Awesome Group, there were 5 or 6 other groups at mass, so the church was really croweded. After mass and lunch we then walked to the mall area, singing and chanting all the way with our papal flags, white hats and yellow scarfs. (If you later saw a group standing on stairs with papal flags and white and yellow umbrella's, that was us!) I actually marched with Christendom College, because the friends I was with got invited to march with them (one of them is going there in the fall!) and my mom said I could go with them, so that was pretty cool. The sight of thousands of people while looking down from Capitol Hill was awe inspiring. We finished the march by praying in front of the Supreme Court building.
After rejoining the Awesome Group, we got lunch at the Old Post Office and went on a tour of Washington! We walked to the White House (I have a funny story to tell about that) and then drove to the Lincoln Memorial (HUGE!), the Korean War Memorial, and the Iwo Jima Memorial (found the extra hand!)
All in all it was a wonderful day! Even in the face of depressing news, the memory of seeing all those who stood up for Life and knowing that there were millions more who didn't come, gives hope that somehow and in someway we did make a difference. (I had fantasies of Obama seeing all the pro-lifers and coming out and promising not to sign FOCA... needless to say, that didn't happen. =( )
The People
I met so many great people on this trip, including, most excitingly:
MY FORUM "DAUGHTER"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! I met Puritylover and she was with the Awesome Group too, so we spent three whole days together!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!!!! Purity is the one without the hat, isn't she gorgeous?
I also met Purity's sister, Catholicgirl, who happens to be my great niece... oh my gosh! She's my great niece!!!! *faints* I didn't realize that! Wow, that's weird... and I also met Ella11, another *cough* great niece. Ha ha, and they are both great nieces! (Sorry for the horrid pun). I tried to meet up with Paul and Lanta, but alas it did not work out. I did get to talk to them though!!!! (Kind of, the D.C. reception was horrid.) I actually talked to Paul, all I really got to say to Lanta was "hi" and "bye", because I couldn't hear what she was saying.

Notre Dame
On the way home yesterday from D.C., the Awesome Group stopped in South Bend Indianna for a visit to Notre Dame University. The University graciously allowed us to use one of the dorm chapels for mass, which was really nice. After mass we walked to the Basillica on the campus. It was so beautiful! The ceilings were very tall, and the most gorgeous paintings on them. The tabernacle (left) was amazing as well, as were the many relics of the saints. They still had their Nativity scene up, which was really cool! After a few moments in the Basillica, we went to the Lourdes Grotto where I lit a candle for you all. Then it was back on the road again, homeward bound.

That's it for today's quick takes, but rest assured, there shall be many more posts! In the meantime...
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  1. SOOOO COOOL!!! I want more pics!!! You promised me you were going to send me all of them!!! I demand pictures!!! Hehehe! ella11?!?! That is Lizzy's sister!!! Haha! I'm glad you had a good time! Next year we will go together!!!


  2. *laughs* Vicki! I only got home yesterday morning! Patience is a virtue darling. ;) Yup, I met Lizzy's sister! WE will!

  3. Rose! You now have two connections to me! Because we've both met Regina and Andrew, and we've both met Alex and Katie!

  4. Yeah. Pretty much all I got through...we'll have to work out something for next year. :P

  5. I am glad you where able to come with us! It was an amazing trip! =)


  6. haha there I am! it was so nice meeting you lady rose!!


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