January 8, 2009

The Best Christmas Present This Year

My dear friend (whom I shall call "The Ballerina") gave me an awesome Christmas gift this year, and I just had to show it too you!

Yup, no kidding. That is me! Here below is the original picture. \/

Didn't she do an amazing job? I mean, it looks just like the original photograph!!!! It is proudly displayed in my room. *big grin*

For those of you who don't know, that photo was taken of me when I was a member of the "Angry Mob" in my Theatre troup's performance of "The Seven Last Words of Christ" last March. An aside, I am glaring at "St. John" and the actress who played him said I really scared her with that look! (In our troupe 98% of the guy roles are played but us lovely young ladies.)

So I must say, that that drawing was by far my favorite gift this year!

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