January 27, 2009

National Treasure Scenes

Hee hee, ok this is mainly for Hannah, showing her that I have proof that I walked the same ground as the famous Riley Poole! (Who happens to be her forum "boyfriend".)
My proof, photographs and a video. Watch the first couple of seconds of the video, and you will see Riley jump out of his van just in front of the National Archives, the same side as I took a picture of. Ha ha, that's why I took the picture. We were walking past and I was like "Oh my gosh, I've seen that before in National Treasure!" I tried to find a photo, but there aren't any. =P

/\ My photo

So while futilely searching for a photo of the National Archives from National Treasure, I kept running across that blasted photo below (it's everywhere! Ugh.) which reminded me that I had been to the Lincoln Memorial too! (Not that I forgot, but I had forgotten that Riley was there too. And Ben, can't forget Ben.)

/\ My photo!
/\ My photo!

/\ National Treasure's photo

Next time I go to D.C. I shall take a picture just like the NT one! Minus Ben and Riley, of course. =(

(Oh yeah, and I walked past the FBI building too. Did Ben go there in the movie? Because it didn't look the same... maybe I just don't remember or walked past a different side. *shrugs*)
And Hannah, please don't smash too many bottles on my head. Please?


  1. haha!!! that's great! I'll have Hannah look at it. I don't think she would smash ony bottles on your head. ;)

  2. OH MY GOOOOOOOSH!!! ROSEEEEE!!!! OMG! OMG! MAN!! YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY!!! THANKS ROSE!!! OHHHH!! *BIG HUG UNTIL ROSE CAN'T BREATH* THAT IS TOOOOOOO AWESOME!!! I'M JELOUS!!! Ohhh!!! That's too cool!! not fair!!! Thanks for thinking of me! I definelty love it!!! :) :) :) :)


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