January 29, 2014

That moment when...

... you write a truly terrible blog post after weeks of silence because you were in a mood and just threw something out there.  (I apologize to anyone who had to read that before I deleted it)

... you start reading The Book Thief with Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of Death, because you started it just after you finished watching Sherlock, and his voice just fits perfectly.

... you sit in awe watching television... real. actual. television. on your TV. Because your parents discovered that you can pick up an antenna and get basic channels for free. Would you believe that we've not had television reception since I was 6?

... you realize that this means you get to watch the Blackhawks without having to leave home (but only when it's on WGN).

Ignoring the fact that I happened to take this picture on my laptop right when Vancouver scored a goal. Of course.
... you get a message on Facebook from Iris, because it just so happens that you both know the same family offline!

... You realize why it's been so darn cold out here lately.

... you download the trial version of Microsoft Office 2013 so you can do homework for class and realize just how primitive OpenOffice really is, and how on earth can you ever go back?

... you realize that having television means you can watch the Olympics, and the Oscars, and Once Upon a Time and Sherlock and Downton Abby WITHOUT USING ALL THE INTERNET BANDWIDTH.

... you realize that you have less than two months left of being 21. (I am dreading the inevitable posting of Taylor Swift on my wall when I turn 22.)

... after multiple attempts of staring and blank blog posts and then closing them, coming up with ideas and discarding them, you finally hit publish on another post.

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  1. The Book Thief. I love it. And Benedict would be a perfect fit for death. After all, he is fire... he is death. ;) Great movie, too!
    ~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently posted: Gimme Shelter movie review → http://bit.ly/1iHASJF


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