May 10, 2014

Not the Nice Kind of Bug

Oh, I agree. I do not normally include "nice" and "bug" in the same sentence.  But you know, springtime.... ladybugs.... caterpillars... butterflies.  Nice bugs.  

What I have is not a nice bug.  It is a stomach bug, and it is evil.  

My evil stomach bug - also my first and last attempt at imitating "Mama Knows, Honeychild".  I'll leave the cute drawings to go along with blog posts to the expert.

I can function fairly normally, which is good, I suppose.  What is not good is the sensation of your stomach feeling like what mixing vinegar and baking soda looks like.  In addition to the stomach aches, the feeling of repulsion caused by pretty much any food.  Which sucks because I haven't eaten a lot in the last two days so I'm hungry, yet nothing is appealing and when I do have a few moments of lessened food-repulsion I can only eat a little bit before it comes back again.

le sigh

I do have to say though, that bowl of cinnamon toast crunch was really good and I was able to eat it surprisingly well... I may have to have another bowl of it if I don't make it through this bit of pound cake from my grandparent's anniversary this past weekend.

Also, Tazo Passion tea is the best ever, just saying.

Now to tackle yet again the contents of that cursed blue flash drive you see poking out of my laptop.  (Parasite).  Yes, my Microsoft Access homework.  Anyone want to make some forms and reports for me?


  1. Replies
    1. He is kind of cute, isn't he? I hate him slightly less now.

  2. *hugs* Get well soon! ♥♥♥


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