May 8, 2014

Shakira, Sheeran and Studying

It's that time of the semester again... the end!  Finals! School finished!  I'm in three classes this semester, one of which is finished, so I really don't have that much studying to do.  Microsoft Office is, however, making up for that.

The last quarter of the class is Microsoft Access. I hate Microsoft Access.  I do not like databases.  I cannot fathom why anyone would want to major - let alone get their Masters - in Databases.  To each their own, but I do not understand it.  That being said, I have five databases to do before I can take my final early before I can go visit My Knight.  Ugh.

I am attempting to knock at least two of them out tonight, and I have some good music to keep my company.  Guys, Spotify is seriously the best thing ever.  Why did I wait until two weeks ago to do some poking around and see what this music player was that kept popping up on Facebook status?  WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?????

Oh, I also have this for company...

I actually drank it with dinner, so I literally have an empty bottle sitting next to my computer for company.  I'm really tempted to get a full one to join it so it isn't lonely.

Anyhow. Back to music.

Here's the link to my Spotify Playlist, if you are so curious.  Favorite songs on there at the moment?  As this title indicates... it's songs by Shakira and Ed Sheeran.  Those two are so good.  It would be epic if they someday sang a song together....

Now back to studying.

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  1. I was going to make a beer joke, but I don't want to enable you further, so I won't. The self restraint is killing me.


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