March 20, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday, Amanda!

We interrupt this Holy Week Meditation for an important announcement. Today is Amanda's 16th Birthday. We will briefly pause during the beginning of the Triduum to wish her a Happy Birthday and to take a look at how she has grown. Please scroll down if you would like to join us....

Amanda at 1 mo. old, can you find her?...

At her 1st Birthday party, already trying to make a fashion statement...

At 2 showing us what a wonderful big sister she is going to be...
At 3 in Florida as a bathing beauty...

There she is at 4 trying to perfect that fashion thing...

Ahhh, now, at 5, she's got it...

Still trying to convince us she is an angel at 6...

7 years old and getting a little more rustic...

At 8, her artistic talents start to shine through...

An actual picture of Amanda with her sister Teresa, and she is smiling!! (9 yrs old)...
10 year old Anne of Green Gables...
11 years old and incogneto at Easter...
(She still does that!!)

You can see the pre-teen in her. 12 years old and stopping her little cousin from blowing out her candles!

At 13, her stint as a cowgirl in an outfit she made for the 4H fashion show.

At 14, taking on her new name, Rose, at Confirmation (another smiling picture with her sisters, amazing!!)

Rock sitting at Gettysburg, 15 years old...

My, what a lovely young lady you've....
Oh, sorry, wrong picture...

There, that is better. What a lovely, young lady you have become!

Hope you have a Happy Birthday and a very grace-filled year.
We love you,
Dad, Mom, Megan, Teresa, Rebecca, Timmy, Mary Rose and Anthony!


  1. Thanks mom!
    Hey, now everyone knows that I'm the person in the beard! No fair! (Yes, I grew it my self! Anyone seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? You know that candy Willy Wonka made that helps you grow a beard in no time at all? Well, he finally got it right. Works great!)

    I smile at my sister's a lot! Now, they aren't always nice smiles, but still, you have to give me credit for smiling!

    Thanks again!

    Sweet Sixteen and NEVER BEEN KISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Amanda! God bless and keep you!

  3. Happy Birthday Amanda! 16 already? My how time flies...

    You had a beard? Good makeup job. Er, candy. :)

  4. Happy, happy birthday dear Amanda!!! Love you lots and lots!

    Your godmother,

  5. I saw your birthday on the forum, and sent you a message! I was going to post a comment here, but since the other posts were reflective, I didn't think it was fit.

    Happy Birthday!

    Now, you are legitimately qualified to sing the song "I am 16, going on 17!" *cough*

    Interesting beard... ;)

    Happy Birthday Lady Rose! (Amanda) :)

  6. Somewhat belated Happy Birthday here! We can't wait to have you back on the forum! (And back posting on your blog!)

  7. Happy Birthday Amanda!

    In the second picture, you look like Anthony, in the fourth picture, you look like Mary Rose - or at least from our point of view!

    Many Happy Returns!

    Love, your Friends,
    Laura and Mary.

    P.S. in the second to last picture, you look very handsome!

  8. Happy Birthday Amanda!

    Much Love and Greetings to my dear dear friend!!!!
    I missed you so much! (in the e-mail world! =)

    I am right now enjoying (oh so so much!) Gianna Grace Lynelle! She is so precious! She is cooing in the backround (Martha/her mom has her now)

    Us girls rewatched the Ultimate movie tonight - with Martha, Aunt Janet and Gianna. (we borrowed it from the Douglases)
    Meanwhile the boys (D and D) with my uncle and two boy cousins who were visiting played Risk in the basement.
    Ok, ttyl!


  9. Hahahaha! Oooh, Now I see who you are. Great job w/ the makeup; I would never have guessed that was you.

    Happy Sweet 16th! I will now sing you a song (that my uncle made up for the family) *clears throat* Ooooooo, you 16 years old, your 16 years old, and yoooour beeeautiful!

    God bless,
    Vicki M.

  10. Princess of the LordApril 1, 2008 at 3:14 PM

    Dear Amanda,

    I'll add my wishes for a blessed, grace-filled year to your other happy birthday comments!

    What cute pictures of you! I think I noticed one from the parade?!

    Many more in the peace and joy of Christ!

    Your sister in Him,

  11. Happy Birthday, my dear brother Jude! =) You are such a dear friend (and brother)!!! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating and I hope you will have a wonderful year, as a 16 year old!
    See you tomorrow! God bless you.
    And hey, (speaking from experience) we should all commend Amanda for wearing that beard. They are itchy, and the glue you stick 'em on with stinks so bad! Plus I think you look good in a beard.....ummm....but you look much better without one!!! =) =)
    Your brother,
    James the Lesser


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