March 16, 2008

Meditational Images for Holy Week

All photos copywright of Laura M. Dominick. Used with permission


  1. Lovley photos Amanda!

  2. OK, I did not take these pictures, my mom did. They are from the Little Flowers Catholic Dance and Theater Troupe preformance of the Seven Last Words of Christ, a religous opera.... well, see the former post about it! By the way, Scott (Jesus) has never acted before playing Christ in this production!
    My dad is Pontius Pilate, and, ahem, I won't tell you who I am. figure it out for yourself! ( am in one of the photos!
    The solo shots at the begining are, in order:
    1. Pontus Pilate
    2. Jesus
    3.Mary Magdelene
    4.Young Jesus
    5. An angel
    6.The Blessed Mother
    7. St. Veronica
    8. St. John (not me!)
    You can figure out the rest!

  3. Those are great photos, Amanda!

    I'm so impressed... your production looks really professional. Very, very well-done!

  4. Oh, I am speechless. Your mom's photos are INCREDIBLE... the expressions she captured! Each and every one of the actors is so completely transformed! Those photos are absolutely priceless. Seriously, my eyes filled with tears just seeing them.

    Praise to our good God, from Whom all blessings flow. Forever and ever, Amen!

    Your godmother,

  5. Wow! Those costumes are pretty well done! I'd love to see the performance. Good luck with it all!


  6. Amanda,
    My guess is that you are the tall angel in the 3rd to the last pic. Am I right?
    God bless,
    Vicki M.

  7. Wrong! See my birthday post to find out who I am.... look lovely, don't I?


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