March 9, 2008

Lenten Transfiguration

Astonished in the presence of the transfigured Lord, who was speaking with Moses and Elias, Peter, James, and John were suddenly enveloped in a cloud from which a voice arose that proclaimed: "This is my beloved Son, listen to him". (Mk 9:7).

When one has the grace to sense a strong experience of God, it is as though seeing something similar to what the disciples experienced during the Transfiguration: For a moment they experienced ahead of time something that will constitute the happiness of paradise. In general, it is brief experiences that God grants on occasions, especiall in anticipation of harsh trials. However, no one lives "on Tabor" while on earth. Human existence is a journey of faith and, as such, goes forward more in darkness than in full light, with moments of obscurity and even profound darkness.

While we are here, our relationship with God develops more with listening than with seeing; and even contemplation takes place, so to speak, with closed eyes, thanks to the interior light lit in us by the word of God... This is the gift and commitment for each one of us in the Lenten season: to listen to Christ, like Mary. To listen to Him in the word, preserved in Sacred Scripture. To listen to Him in the very events of our lives, trying to read in them the messages of providence. To listen to Him, finally, our brothers, especially in the little ones and the poor, for whome Jesus himself asked our concrete love. To listen to Christ and to obey His voice. This is the only way to joy and love.
~ Benedictus: Day by Day with Pope Benedict XIV
The Fifth Word: "I Thirst"
The Sixth Word: "Father, into Your hands, I commend My Spirit."

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