March 2, 2008

Happy 14th Birthday Megan!

Top 14 Reasons Why You Are My Sister:
1. We both have the same parents.
Wait, hold it! Um... I guess I need to change that heading, let me see.... Aha! TAKE TWO!
Top 14 Reasons Why you are A GREAT Sister:

# 1: You are a devoted sibling.

# 2: You know how to have fun,even as a nun!

#3: You are saintly! (and we have fun designing costumes together!)

#4: You have a beautiful smile. =)

#4: You are a great violinist.

#5: You are very pretty. (Don't you all agree?)

#6: We both wear the same size in clothes (most of the time) and so we can share them!

#7: You have a great sense of humor.

#8: You love to laugh. (Loud and long an clear!)#9: You tolerate (sometimes barely) my snap happy moments, even if they are at 11:00 at night and you really want to go to bed.

#10: You also tolerate my 10 pm spring (and summer and fall and winter) cleaning sessions.

#11: Because you like to sleep in, it makes it easy to prepare surprises for you.

#12: You make a great dance partner!

#13: You are silly, fun, talented, and a perfectly agreeably and desirable room-mate.

And the top 14th reason why you are a great sister....

Oh, it's a jolly holiday with Megan! Megan makes your 'eart so light! When the day is gray and ordinary, Megan makes the sun shine bright! Oh 'appiness is bloomin' all around 'er; the daffoldils are smilin' at the dove!When Megan 'olds your 'and you feel so grand! Your 'eart starts beatin' like a big brass band! Oh, it's a jolly holiday with Megan! No wonder that it's Megan that we love!

Happy Birthday Meg!


  1. HAppy BIrthday Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Megan!

    Love, your friends,
    Laura and Mary

  3. What a sweet, sweet post. And so many lovely photos! Many happy blessings of the day, Megan, as you turn 14... WOW!


  4. Yay Megan!! Happy Birthday!!

    Did you get your birthday spankings? If not we can take care of that at Girl's CLub...

    Anyway, the pics are great, and yes I think Megan is very pretty!

    I'll say some extra prayers for ya!

    Jo March (you know who I really am...)

  5. Happy Birthday Megan!! Many happy returns!!

  6. Though I may not know you personally, Happy Birthday! :)

  7. Lovely post! I enjoyed the photos, too. Especially the last one -- so sweet!


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