July 25, 2014

Finally Friday

1. Maybe Finally Friday will be my Real Life Wednesday... It's kind of a ironic as a title, given that Friday's really mean nothing to me anymore as I don't actually get weekends off.  Although Fridays are exciting because that means I get to wear jeans to work and a red polo and not my all black uniform and I look AWFUL in black.  I look good in so many colors but black is not one.  So yes, Fridays are still exciting!

2. If you didn't catch the TFIOS referrance in the above paragraph - it's there.  I actually haven't read TFIOS, at first because my mother read it and was fed up with his lack of medical research and that you can't actually get stage IV thyroid cancer (she should know, she had thyroid cancer), and then because everyone else was reading it and if something gets labeled as OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD AND EVERYONE SHOULD READ/WATCH/LOVE IT before I get to it well... then out of principle, I cannot read/watch/love it.  Because everyone else.  I do know the whole plot line and get all the insider jokes and references, so hey, I'm not missing out on all the fun!  Maybe when the hype dies down I'll read it.

3.  On a coworkers recommendation, I tried coconut iced coffee the other day.  Oh my word... it's like putting the beach in your coffee. Why have I never tried that before????  As long as we are on the iced coffee tangent, I'm trying my hand at cold brewing coffee.  I'll let you know how that goes!

This Ivy House
4.  I went with my mom to the new Mariano's the other day to try their gelato and check out the tea isle and I finally got myself a tea infuser!  I picked up two bags of loose leaf tea while I was there, and I love it!  (Both the tea and the infuser!)  I had an infuser before, but it was more of a tea pot which isn't as convenient to carry around to work or for a grab-and-go tea situation.  I'm thinking tea bags are going to soon become a thing of the past with me.

5. It's a little frustrating when you find a book with a great plot idea, but poor execution and writing.  I found All Right Here, by Carre Armstrong Gardner and while I loved the idea of a couple, unable to have children, who find three abandoned kids and take them in and struggle with the question of can someone else's children ever really become your own... it just wasn't a well written book.  The book mostly stayed with Ivy, the wife, but occasionally flitted to a random subplot with her twin sister Laura and then once in a while gave a random chapter from the mom's pov which really had no bearing on the plot and no plot of it's own.  The husband got a tiny bit of POV near the end, but I would have loved to have seen so much more from him.  It also suffered, from what I've termed "Christian writer syndrome".... where it's not marketed as "Christian fiction" but it tries to be subtle and ends up being blatantly obvious and a little forced.  Again, great story idea, just not very well done.

6.  I have pressured my sister into doing a fashion shoot because she's beautiful and she got some new clothes and she never does fashion shoots.  *smirks* So I will leave you now to go torture - I mean, photograph her.  Until next time!


  1. Oh my goodness those teacups. So beautiful and vintage! Swoon. My problem is that I will never use all of the teacups I want... But they're so elegant I feel like I need them.

    Blergh. Detachment is good, detachment is good...

    The Starving Inspired

  2. I'm not a coffee person, but I know that coconut rum improves most juices, so I can imagine that coconut would improve coffee as well. lol.


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