May 27, 2015

A New Page

Over the weekend, I only had to convince one of the people who reads this blog that yes, I was serious, when I said my exciting news has nothing to do with rings and wedding bells.  That's not bad.

So... what is it then? Alright, I'll tell you.

This coming Monday, I will be moving up in the career world by starting my very first full time job!

I'm excited, I think.  I am very sad to be leaving my current hotel, but I'll be moving to a full service hotel with event space, still as front desk, but with the idea that once I get my foot in the door I'll be able to move into the convention and events planning department.  They know that events is where I want to be, and they are willing to give me coaching and opportunities to build my skills while waiting for a position to open up.

It was a bit of an interesting process, finding this job.  I wasn't even looking for a new job initially.  I was in class one day, and my teacher said that she had information about a job that she thought I should apply for. It was a catering and conference coordinator position at a very nice hotel up more in the Chicagoland area.  I thought, "well, why not?"  and scheduled the interview.

Apparently, the woman I interviewed with absolutely loved me and for a good two weeks was going back and forth between myself and another candidate who had five years of event experience that I didn't have. I eventually gave up on getting the job, and then got a letter saying that they had chosen someone else so I figured that was that, and marked it up to a good experience.

Then, one of the hospitality classes went to that same hotel to assist in a sales blitz, and my teacher ended up talking with the woman who I'd interviewed with.  She expressed how she had really, really wanted to hire me and had come this close to choosing me over the other candidate.  My teacher jumped in and said she was sure I'd take any job I could to get my foot in the door, because planning events in a hotel was exactly what I wanted to do.

And that was how the woman I first interviewed with ended up going to HR, telling them that they needed to hire me because I needed to work for this hotel, and I ended up interviewing for a position as a guest service agent.  I pretty much had the job before I even interviewed for it, which was a bit of an odd experience... but there it is.

It'll be an adjustment, for sure, with a 45-60 minute commute depending on traffic, and working 32 to 40 hours a week.  I am going to miss the hotel that I work at now, very much.  They are wonderful, wonderful people there, and have become like family to me.  But I know this is the step I am supposed to take, and I am looking forward to making it.

So here's to starting a new chapter in my hospitality career!

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