November 30, 2015

Thank You Ms Montgomery!

I can't deny - Anne Shirley was a big part of the reason that I longed for red hair when I was a brown-locked girl.  Fortunately, my hair dying ventures have been far more successful than her own and I've been enjoying the borrowed life of a redhead for nearly three years now. 

I went on Google last night, and was informed by this absolutely charming graphic that today marks the 141st birthday of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the creator of the most fabulous redhead I know.

Anne was a favorite of mine, growing up. She still is. You can't find anyone who can match her fiery temper, her hopeless romanticism, her strength and her determination. I loved growing up with Anne, watching as she fell in love and out of love and embarked on her adventures as a teacher and then a wife and mother. She had flaws and made so many mistakes. She was real, and profound and funny, and I always felt like she was a friend.

And of course there were the others.  The story of Anne would not be complete without Matthew or Marilla to take her in and be her family.  What would Anne be without her dear friend Dianna to fight with and get into messes, and accidentally cause her to become drunk?  And of course, what is Anne's story without Gilbert? Gilbert was one man I definitely had a literary crush on and nothing made my heart happier than when Anne finally gave in and fell in love.

So Happy Birthday, Lucy Maud Montgomery. Thank you for giving us a wonderful set of friends to laugh and grow and dream with. Thank you for Anne.


  1. The Google graphic made me so happy this morning!!!! Anne has long been a hero of mine; not going to lie, I always wanted to be able to break a slate over a boy's head (with good reason, of course) because I love her spunk :P

  2. Carrots unite*!

    *preferably NOT after smashing a slate over someone's head.

    The Starving Inspired


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