November 16, 2015

That Was, Like, Soooo Twelve Years Ago

It's been so busy around here the past month or two. Like, it's been crazies for realzies.  A lot of big changes have been a happenin', like...  we done gone packed oursselfs up and moved from the country and back into the city.

Which makes it sound like we moved to Chicago (at least if you are from around here). But we didn't. Move into Chicago, that is. But we're fifteen minutes closer.

A little bit of history:

Twelve years ago we lived in a neighborhood in a small town, and we'd lived in towns of varying shapes and sizes all our respective lives. We packed up and move 35 minutes away to the middle of a cornfield where you had to drive at least thirty minutes if you wanted to get to any kind of town, but the trips were usually longer than that. And it was glorious. We had five acres of land, tons of room to run around and play in and freaky possums that crawled into your barn and you would think that they were dead because there was a gaping bleeding hole in the side but then you came back later and it was GONE. You could hear the coyotes running through the corn at night and the wind blew constantly from mid-March until early June and wreaked havoc on your ears if you rode your bike down a north south road.  

We lived there for six years before circumstances dictated that we rent a house that was now only 15 minutes from the closest town, with three and a half acres and lots of cornfields. That would be this house.

No photo of the first country house because I don't have them on my computer and lazy.
There were great fruit trees all over, a big master bedroom for all five of us girls to share and manage to survive quite well and mold that grew on every available surface. The basement would take in water without fail every spring when the rains came and the snow melted and the farmers just let all the water run off their fields instead of scooping it into buckets or sucking it up with a hose or something like that. Rude. After six merry years of countless photoshoots, guests and family members driving past the house because it hid behind two large berms and the whole lot of us developing severe mold allergies... we up and bought this place. (End history)

So yeah, like now we have neighbors (whaaaaattttttt) and, like, we got people on HALLOWEEN and they were TRICK OR TREATING (Dudeeee seriously???) and stuff is all, like, only ten minutes away which is totes adorbs (Did we used to say totes adorbes twelve years ago? Or is that more recent.) And now I only share a room with TWO of my sisters instead of ALL FOUR and it's sweet man, super sweet. All this stuff that was a normal part of life twelve years ago is back and style I guess! We'll see how it goes...

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  1. That picture of your new house totally looks like something out of a Jane Austen novel. Maybe my brain is only going there because I'm in the process of binge-watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries for the first time, but the image of your house really just makes me think that a Dashwood girl will come walking by or something :)


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