November 13, 2015

What Words Could I Say

Unlike many bloggers, I don't often have much to say on current topics - whether it be breaking news, or hot button controversial this is blowing up Twitter kinds of things. It's not that I don't think about these things, it's just that I rarely end up writing about them.

I didn't have anything to write when the Planned Parenthood videos were coming out, I don't have much to write about the current state of American politics and the upcoming elections and future of our country. I haven't weighed in on the "Starbucks cup" fiasco, or the nonsense when a dentist shot a lion over the summer. And now over a hundred people have died in Paris, and I am still not sure that I have anything to write.

And yet, I want to say something.  Many times I start to formulate the words in my mind, but they don't make it out through my fingertips and onto the screen. I write blogposts in my head as I drive to work that no one but me ever hears.

I suppose part of it is the feeling that there are so many other writers who say what I want to say, and who say it better. In regards to the controversial issues - whether they be serious or not - I often feel like anything I say would be preaching to the choir. I am fairly certain that 90% of my readers agree or share at least 80 % of similar views as I do... so any impassioned arguments or attempts at persuasion would be pointless. I could simply express my thoughts, but again - a lot of other writers, a lot of better and more eloquent thoughts.

And in times of tragedy, what is there that I could say that would be necessary? How can you find the right words when the horrible murder of so many people has happened? When it continues to happen every day in countries all throughout the Middle East, as ISIS kills hundreds of people every day?

I've never been a good one for words of wisdom anyhow.  When friends come to me to talk about things going on in their lives, and their problems, I have a hard time finding advice or strong, comforting words.  I am a listener, and a shoulder that I gladly let others cry on, because I want to be there for them.

Still, I want to say something. I wish I knew someone in Paris, or in France, so I could reach out to them and let them know that over here in America I am thinking and praying. And even if I don't have anything to say, I care.

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