December 7, 2007

142nd Anniversary!

I didn't realize until today, but yesterday, besides being St. Nicholas' Feast Day (Happy St, Nick's Day everyone!), was also the 142nd anniversary of the signing of the Thirteenth Amendment, therefore abolishing slavery from the United States. Hooray for all the people who signed it!
While I'm on this topic...
Happy 181st birthday to General George B. McClellan (12/3), of Civil War fame
Happy 168th birthday to General George Custer (12/5), also of Civil War fame
and Happy 174th birthday to General John S. Mosby (12/6) also (you guessed it!) of Civil War fame.
And while I'm at it... Happy 2nd birthday to my cousin Matthew (12/1) who is NOT of Civil War fame.

PS. If anyone has birthdays they would like me to feature/mention/commemorate on my blog PLEASE let me know in the comment box. This can include yours (don't assume I know it), a favorite author, favorite actor/actress, famous person: ex. the Pope (once again don't assume I know it!), or anything like that. I love birthdays!


  1. princess of the lordDecember 8, 2007 at 10:32 PM

    Dear Amanda,

    Pope Benedict XVI's birthday is the same of our dad's: April 16th.

    And here's the best part -- in 2008, he's going to be in America on his birthday!

  2. Claire! You didn't leave your birthday!!!!!! I know it (only because it's the day before Megan's), but you MUST leave it HERE!
    Thanks Sarah!
    (When is Pope John Paul II's birthday?)

  3. Okay, I'll oblige: mine is March 1st. I missed being born on February 29 by less than 19 hours. =) (Not that I would want to have been!)

  4. Dear Amanda,

    My birthday is on Maech 2nd the day right after Miss Claire's birthday. I am going to be 14 in 2008 and my birthday is also on a Sunday next year. Bye.=)

  5. Whoops! I think you ment March, instead of Maech, but I knew what you ment! ;)

  6. Dear Amanda,

    I forgot to mention that I am glad it is the 142nd Anniversary of the Thirteenth Ammendment!

  7. Miss Eliza Bennet - July 27th

    Marc - November 30th.

    Angela - October 6th... (I think) lol

    Tolkien - January 3rd.


    Birthdays are fun!


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