December 7, 2007


At the December meeting of the St. Faustina Girls Club that I attend, we wrote Japanese haikus, since we are studying Japan this year. I thought you might like to read the one that I wrote and two that I co-authored with my friend....

The snow on the ground
Lies softly in the moonlight.
Together they shine.

The great Chinese rock
Is looming over the heads
Of spiders below.
~Veronica and Amanda

The toad in the grass
Hops around in great circles
Trying to lose weight.
~Amanda and Veronica


  1. Thanks for posting our poems Amanda!
    See you later...


  2. Dear Amanda,

    I wrote a haiku at Faustina club too. Withe the help of the teacher Mrs. Kizior. She helped my come up with the first two lines and I came up with the last line myself. Bye. :)


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