December 2, 2007

What Fun!

Yesterday we went to our first social event in three weeks! (Thanksgiving is a family event. ;) The first event of the day was a farewell mass and reception for Father Louis Antl, who is leaving for Springfield in a few days. We will miss him! The reception/going-away-party was at Cemeno's, and they very generously donated pizza's and pop for all. (For our group anyways. Can't speak for the rest of the restaurant!)
Following the party, our friends invited us to their orchestra's Christmas Concert as an early Christmas present! The music was absolutely beautiful, featuring Beethoven's 5th Symphony, (the first movement was stunning, in a good way!), "Air" in G, by Bach, Silver Bells, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Carol of the Bells and an encore of Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer, to which we all sang along.
And of course, the highlight of the day... folding laundry at the Halbur's before the concert. But done in the company of friends, it was a lot of fun!


  1. Of course I am a bit biased, but don't you think that Carol of the Bells was the best?

    By the way, did you notice how beautiful the pianist played during that song?

  2. Yes, Carol of the Bells was my top favorite! Silver Bells being next. And yes, I am sure the pianist sounded wonderful. ;) To tell you the truth, it was slightly hard to hear you. I'm afraid the violins, violas, cellos and all that did tend to overpower the piano and harp at times. But when they didn't, you sounded GREAT!!!!!!

  3. I really liked the concert. My favorite was Beethoven's fifth symphony, after that it was "Air" by J.S. Bach, then Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, then Silver Bells and last but not least Carol of Bells. This is about the longest comment that I have left so far. Bye =)

  4. princess of the lordDecember 8, 2007 at 10:35 PM

    Dear Amanda,

    What a lovely commentary on a lovely concert! ;)

    So glad you and your sisters enjoyed your outing - it made the concert all that more special!

    I'll leave you to guess the author of this comment. ;)

  5. Sarah! (you've commented or e-mailed me as that before, besides, Laura is Lady Cecilia, Claire is... Claire, Veronica is Veronica and Mary only published once and I think she was the other twin or something like that.)


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