November 28, 2007

My Little Brother

Don't ya wish every kid was this eager to wash the floor?
(And you just have to love the outfit!)


  1. A-DOR-able! (And I love your new profile pic, by the way) ;)


  2. did you know he was actualy washing the floors for me? and I realy like the outfit.

  3. Dear Amanda, I really like the photographs that you put up of ther little brother. I hope that you put more photos on your blog soon.

  4. Veronica: Very!
    Claire: Yes aren't they?
    Mandie's sis 2: Yeah I know. (Oh, where you telling everyone else?) For anyone who doesn't know or hasn't figured it our already, Mandie referes to me, sis referes to Teresa, and the 2 is 'cause she's younger than Meg.
    Lady Kathleen: Shall do, my dear sister! (Megan)

  5. Did Sir Anthony dress up and offer to wash the floor on his own, or was he slightly persuaded by a sister?

    Still very cute ;-)

  6. Oh Sir Anthony was already dressed like that, and it was all his own idea! He took it very seriously too. One just looked in throught the kitchen doorway and he would come after you with the mop, yelling "Get off the wet!"


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