March 29, 2009

Defend our Holy Father and Our Lord!

Please do this!

You are urgently requested to protest a sacrilegious cartoon in the French newspaper Le Monde - because the cartoon depicts Our Lord handing out prophylactics from a boat to the excited masses.

The cartoon reads:

"The multiplication of the condoms followed the multiplication of the loaves."

The cartoon targets the Pope too. He is shown as a decrepit old man who says: "Anything goes!"

As Catholics, you and I cannot accept such an attack on Our Lord and the Papacy!

That's why I ask you to please send a protest message via email to Le Monde at:

I've written a sample message that you may copy and send as yours. Please see it below. Or you can use it to help you in writing your own email message.

Whatever option you prefer, it's vital that you send your message right away. While the issue is hot. Perhaps even within the next 15 minutes. The honor of Our Lord and the Papacy is precious and cannot be brushed aside.

But there's more -

Le Monde also wrote an editorial against the Pope. They harshly criticized Benedict XVI for his statement in favor of morality during his recent trip to Cameroon.

All the Pope did was to reaffirm Church teaching about chastity and showed how prophylactics, instead of helping to protect lives and restrict the spread of AIDS, actually contribute to spread the disease and cause more deaths.

Logic. Facts. Morals. Not what the secular libertine world wants to hear.

In response, an angry and bitter chorus of liberal anti-Catholic voices swept Europe, and Le Monde was the most evident expression of hatred against Catholic morality over the last week.

That's why it is so important that you and I, united with Catholics across the world, raise a thundering protest against Le Monde - an expression of love, faith and loyalty to God, the Papacy and Catholic morality.

I once again urge you to please send a protest message via email to Le Monde at:

And feel free to use the sample message below, if that helps you to get yours done and sent in a timely fashion.

You and I cannot sit this one out on the sidelines.

For the love of God and the Catholic Church and morality, please send your message today, and consider forwarding this email to all the Catholics you know.

May God bless you!


Robert E. Ritchie, Director

PS - Here's the sample message you may use:

Le Monde:

As a Catholic, I was shocked and deeply pained to learn that your newspaper published a sacrilegious cartoon showing Our Lord Jesus Christ handing out prophylactics from a boat to the excited masses. The cartoon places words in the mouth of Our Lord and the Pope that are totally unacceptable.

I do not accept this warped and portrayal of Our Lord, the Pope and Catholic morality.

In response, I demand that you apologize for the cartoon and pledge never to publish such offensive material again.

With a heartfelt prayer for your conversion, and for the spiritual and material wellbeing of France.

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