December 3, 2009

The First Week of Advent

Tomorrow I Will Come
by Rose Marchen

We hear tell of the Lord's coming
The news is in the songs we sing
Listen to what the prophets say
They fortell the hour, tell the day.
The advent of the Lord is near.

He comes and with Him knowledge brings
With wisdom and understanding.
O Wisdom guide us, this we pray.
The Lord is near.

He comes as a great Lord shining.
The Lord is our judge, our great king.
He keeps us from going astray.
To Him be honor, glory, praise.
O Lord for whom the bells shall ring.
The Lord is near.


  1. Hey Rose it's me!
    The poem I mean


  2. The poem is beautiful!

    Joyfully in Christ,
    Grace Marie

  3. Rose~
    I LOVE your poem! It's really, really, good.

    It was a bit funny, when I was reading your poem, The Call came on, by Regina Spektor and I thought it fit in really well with the poem!!

    Mary Cecilia.


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